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Re: You wont pay for these......

@Kameron @Meckell 

I gave this suggestion the other day

"I believe that the conversation starters should be shown when/if the job poster clicks on a Pro's profile, this way we actually know if our profile is actually viewed!!! Then the job poster can read an in depth profile."

Has it been passed on to the Product Team? I'm asking because there has been no comment as of yet. If not, that's fine. I just need to know


DJ Stevie 5-9-2019


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Moderator Meckell

Re: You wont pay for these......

@DJStevie it was definitely passed along. Any and all feedback we receive in the Community is sent to our Product Team. When feedback is submitted we won’t usually hear a status update on that feedback. Something we're working on is closing the feedback loop, which we have a webinar coming up soon for. I see that you've signed up for that and I think that it will help answer some of your questions. 

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Re: You wont pay for these......

Thanks @Kameron, yes we have spoken about this before and I know you passed my feedback on. 

On it says...

What you pay for

Thumbtack helps you get in front of lots of customers looking for pros like you. That’s free. You only pay for leads — customers who’ve seen what you offer and have decided to reach out to you.  

The - 'You only pay for leads - customers who've seen what you have to offer' - is wrong and extremely misleading.

In the situation I outlined above it is likely that customers are reaching out to Pros with absolutely no idea of what those Pros have to offer because they very likely have never read the profiles of those Pros.


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Re: You wont pay for these......

But what if the customer doesn’t list the dates they need the job. I have to pay for the lead when my calendar may be full?
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Paying for a "connection" when it is actually a cancelled job

I paid $20 for a lead and the customer did not respond at all. I made three attempts on three different days to reach this customer. Zero response.

Now I see a note in my Thumbtack inbox that says "J.W. canceled their project".

When I inquired with Thumbtack support about this, I was told "You pay to connect with a potential customer."

That's right.  I pay to CONNECT with a potential customer.  I think we have different definitions of what "connect" means.  One of the dictionary definitions of a "connection" is the following: "people with whom one has made contact."

Hmmmm... I don't think I made contact.  I think I paid $20 for a canceled project. And, Thumbtack will not refund.

Question: how I can be successful on Thumbtack when I'm paying for connections that are not actually connections?2019-05-07_15-56-10.png


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Re: Paying for a "connection" when it is actually a cancelled job

This is per thumbtack --

"What's the cost?"
"Customer doesn't respond - Free"
"Customer's first message is "no thanks" -  Free"
I don't know how they can justify charging you!
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Re: Paying for a "connection" when it is actually a cancelled job

@HedgehogHS Happens to me more than I'd like. In most cases, these jobs tend to simply stay open with the customer never appearing to hire a TT Pro. I'm amzed at how much of my money I've thrown at TT in the last few months with very little return. 

There should be a way for Pros to be able to cancel a job after someone ghosts us with no explanation. How can we even know what we're doing well or not without feedback of any kind. Ugh!

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Re: Paying for a "connection" when it is actually a cancelled job

@LPTediting Thumbtack will not allow such a thing, for you to impact when the customer request is over or to manually force a project cancellation. That's ok, because it is not our perogative as Pros to make that call. But do you know who can make that call? Thumbtack!

Thumbtack can track response times, response delivery, customer log-ins and all other kinds of customer activity. They can remedy and issue credits back to your account (not refunds to your credit card, that means they keep the money), in such cases, where deemed applicable and reasonable.

I made a detailed post on this issue, with some constructive criticism, and solutions and approaches that could be taken. Please review and express your support here to promote such an approach to "Pro Cost Protection" 

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Re: Paying for a "connection" when it is actually a cancelled job


@HedgehogHS  Very valid point. This is arguably not an established contact. This is an automated contact. If the customer continues to ignore, not participate in the conversation, and has only expressed an interest by his actions that the customer does not realize the ramifications and costs of, then this is NOT A CONTACT. 

Of course you will not get anything out of it, no job, no response, only negative number against your bank account. But why should TT care? They got their revenue, and not just from you, others that were auto-engaged too. This is not a good practice.

In reality, such engagements, cancelled projects, etc. should not be a Pro liability and TT should have a mechanism to offer credits back to the Pro, to use those on a future, more responsive leads.

I go in more detail in my post "Refunds for Cancelled Jobs" here, if you care to read and whey in:

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How is this fair?

I was charged $20.41 for a promote connection on 3/4/19.  The customer used the "When are you available?" template message and then said her availability was only 4/25/19.     

I responded right away and said that I was not available on the customer's date.  This was for a commercial/promotional video.  It was not listed as event videography.  So I'm thinking the date is not dependant on a pre-existing event (i.e. ribbon cutting, customer appreciation day, etc). 

I responded on 4/12 and asked what the commercial is for.  No repsonse from the customer.

Today I noticed that I'm the only one of 4 pros that contacted her back.  The project is 30 days old so it is not eligable for a refund.

So I was charged $20.41 to NOT have a conversation with someone who never gave me any details about their project.  Seems fair.