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Requesting refunds

Hi,I am having an issue with TT refunding my account on potential clients that ghost me. I respond several times to an inquiry, but they never respond.  I talked to Eunice on Chat about this and she r...
by TinaChristian Level 4 Monday
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Pricing and Lead Process

I offered this feedback today when I declined a lead. I thought I'd share."The lead prices for this level of conversation is way too high.I'm thinking this process for communicating with leads and hav...
by MLCC Level 6 Sunday
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Adding a Payout Account

It is not allowing me to add a payout account for payments received. Every time I click on "add payout account" it just keeps taking me back to the login screen and having me log in again and again. A...
by Brian218 Level 1 a week ago
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Seeking more transparancy from Thumbtack. Payments, Messaging, Catorgory, Customer Validation needed

Does TT track the jobs submitted by customers to weed out those that are "fishing"?I ask this question because on multiple occasions I have responded to a "lead", only to never hear anything again. Bu...
by nora Level 6 2 weeks ago
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Service Pros - What Is Your Refund Policy?

Fellow service pros. Question for you. You've been hired for a job, event, etc. contract signed, deposit paid & you're paid in full prior to the job or event date. An illness or unforeseen circumstanc...
by Hankster Level 10 2 weeks ago
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Continuing to lower Customer budget options without regard for Pro ROI

In today's Jobs Tab - Matthew C in Jim Thorpe PA wants to hire a 5-person wedding band for an 8 hour gig for under $300. Already ridiculous. The fee to bid on this gig is $33.05.  $300-taxes-TT fee / ...
by ScottArcangel Level 7 2 weeks ago
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Eliminating Ghosting:

Please forward to your overlords:Make the Job Poster give a $1.00 deposit to participate in the Thumbtack system.Once they indicate they have hired a Pro; the JP gets their dollar back.If zero Pro's r...
by ReeseTee Level 7 2 weeks ago
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Suggestion on Refund Policy

@Kameron @Meckell I have a suggestion for the refund policy. The pro should be refunded if all these conditions are met:1. Lead uses the presets "Whats your availability" ,  "Can you give me an estima...
by MidknightGenius Level 6 2 weeks ago
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Extremely disappointed with customer service unwillingness to admit a mistake

I received and was auto-charged for several leads in my Inbox over the past few weeks that were not exact matches in that a) they were outside of the geography that I selected AND, were 30+ miles from...
by MR Level 10 3 weeks ago
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Get more money

I do junk hauling a lot of times people have extra stuff they want me to take that they did not put in the quote. Lot of times it's just one or two items and it really doesn't make that big of a diffe...
by Alphahauling Level 5 3 weeks ago
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