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topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 100: Is quick reply worthy of charge?
topic id 578: Only Pay For Contacted Leads?
topic id 11582: Pricing
topic id 7183: I'm trying to remove a credit card remove ,from payments,system wont let me
topic id 5571: Pricing
topic id 7120: Charging practices
topic id 7090: Insanity
topic id 6931: TV commercial
topic id 5713: Quote pricing / how much will I pay per quote?

Change back to the old format

Extremely disappointed with Thumbtack’s new format and may have to ditch it altogether. I have been able to make 100% of my income from this app since October of last year. Since the rollout of Instan...
by wsimpsonphoto Level 5 Tuesday
18 19

Instant Match

I got charged $15 dollars on one contact when before I used to pay $5 dollars a quote. Plus, once they added 10 more quote per a request, it allowed horrible photographers to gouge prices below what w...
by dback48 Level 5 Monday
16 99

Let's talk about our pricing

Specifically for tile installers. Preferably, with 5 years or greater in experience. Also 5 plus years with Thumbtack. Let's talk about how we are pricing these jobs.
by KenBunch Level 4 Monday
0 2

Dispute Center

Has anyone else been strong armed by thumbtack to settle a dispute where the customer is 100 percent wrong but they try and force you to give them what they want or they stop your access to the leads?
by Jetboystew Level 5 Sunday
1 12

Good news about pricing!

In the few months since this Community launched, we heard a lot of pros saying that they wanted to see prices before they send quotes, since that helps them make better decisions for their business. Y...
by Community Manager JasonB Community Manager a week ago
3 153

Account issues

To all businesses owner.. Please reply to my issues have you ever been charged or have to pay a bill to thumbtack account for a customer you have not had any contact or conversation with ??
by rasman211 Level 5 a week ago
0 10

One example of the new "improved" system

I am NOT a happy camper.   Day before yesterday, I knew exactly how much it would cost me to send a quote for a service. Today, I can send the quote for free...but I have no idea what it may cost me i...
by Joan Level 6 2 weeks ago
20 51

Is anyone having major issues with this new system?

I am having a much harder time getting jobs than before, and I am getting charged aprroximately three times as much.   I got charged $18 for someone to tell me they couldn't afford to do it.    I can'...
by Brinksindahouse Level 5 2 weeks ago
7 15

Complaints....LET BE HONEST!!!

Hello every one!!I'm sure we all have one thing in common: we are trying to grow a business into a success so we can get a bite of that American dream.  If your like me you're giving your business the...
by JSGDS Level 6 2 weeks ago
3 4

New pricing system - makeup artist

The new pricing system thumbtack has implemented doesn’t work for me. In fact... it’s awful!! I’m a makeup artist and Have been a member of thumbtack for over 5 years. When we were on a “credit” based...
by DawnNicole Level 4 2 weeks ago
3 5
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