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Using Thumbtack > Pricing, payments & refunds

Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!

I rarely if ever use thumbtack now.  they woudl not have to raise their prices if they told us how  much we are charged. SO i no longer submit quotes.  I plan on just deleting them at this point.  I want to know what i am buying and th... Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Pricing, payments & refunds

IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros

Since pros pay for leads, shouldn't customers pay for inquiries, conversations, or communication with pros? This way it is a balanced and most importantly- FAIR way to allow communication to have integrity between pros and customers.Fo... Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Pricing, payments & refunds

Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers

I have several catagories I promote - under my video production services I can not list any sort of price range.  So people contacting me that dont know my price range - may or may not be a "match" for me to be promoted to.  So therefo... Read more
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Using Thumbtack > Pricing, payments & refunds

Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences

If I set my rate in advance can't stop the people like this. What is the purpose of the budget setting and promotion? *title edited by moderator on 2/12/2020 for clarity* Read more
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