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topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Pricing
topic id 24883: The purpose of promotion and set your budget in advance
topic id 22503: Leads
topic id 22064: Questionable leads
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence

Oberservations on Charge Catergories

Just wanted to send some observations from things I have seen on the site and just my ideas for improvement. 1.  I think the Check Availability button is confusing for the prospective lead.  If you lo...
by ProDryCincy Level 4 07-08-2019
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Weekly budget hit, now what?

Hello All,I'm fairly new to thumbtack. This week I hit my weekly budget off of one message that was basically telling me I was underqualified... That sucks. My question is now that I hit my budget, I ...
by Bellsullivanpho Level 1 11-05-2018
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Fee Suggestion(s)

Browsing through the different topics and forums it appears many people are turned off by the new pricing.  I agree - I just received a comment "how much is your fee" (it was already in the quote) - I...
by magicmikecat Level 5 07-22-2018
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