5 tips from Top Pro personal trainer Meghan Aro.

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With over 97 percent of her clients coming through Thumbtack, personal trainer Meghan Aro knows how to win jobs on Thumbtack. Here’s what the Los Angeles-based industry veteran has learned about building an empire from scratch.

1. Learn from the customers you don’t get.

When I have a customer choose to not continue working with me, I always reach out to ask them why. Then I make sure I’m answering more job requests to fill their spot. Filling my schedule usually happens within a month.

2. Help people see your worth (hint: use your profile).

The most important piece of advice I can give is make your profile look professional. Take the time to answer questions, upload photos, and give insight on your business and what makes you different. Make sure all of your customers leave reviews. Don’t undersell yourself. People won’t always pick the cheapest quote. Help people see your worth.

3. Be mobile. Use your phone to stay on top of things.

Always. I’m rarely on my computer when answering quotes. Thumbtack mobile app allows me to be anywhere and get work quickly. I live in Los Angeles so job requests in areas like Santa Monica, Venice, and Beverly Hills go quickly. You want to be ready to respond, the moment a customer gets back to you.

4. Advice for fellow personal trainers.

There are a lot of personal trainers on Thumbtack, especially if you’re living in a major city like Los Angeles. Be professional, and don’t undersell your services. Offer discounted packages that incentivize people to commit to a certain amount of sessions with you. It also helps to give them an idea of what type of fitness you specialize in, i.e. body building, yoga, corrective exercise, pre/post natal, high-intensity training, etc. It helps clients to know your areas of focus. People want to feel like they’re coming to a specialist.

5. Other business tools to use.

I hand out business cards, I’m on social media (mostly Instagram), and I’ll sometimes run Facebook ads. Thumbtack has saved me a lot of money from running online advertisements, so I don’t do them often.

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