Everything you wanted to know about tarot but were too afraid to ask (your spirit guide)

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What are your readings like?

I tap into that person’s energy field and let the energy guide where I lay the cards. I see and hear messages from spirit guides and get cues from that person’s past and future. 

What I’m looking for is, Are you even going to continue down the path you’re on? Or is there going to be a big disruption?

For example, sometimes people will come and ask, “Should I relocate for this job?”

As I look at the cards and their energy field, I see that a person might come into their life who will completely change the conversation about moving away. So the question is a moot point.

How detailed do you get?

I try to be specific with people. And then I check in with them to know if the information I’m giving is accurate. I look for things that nobody else could possibly know.

I met a woman a couple years ago who was changing jobs. She and her husband didn’t believe in tarot, but they’d heard I was pretty good.

I told her within a couple days you’ll meet somebody. I described the way they would look and their demeanor and explained that they’d ask her for coffee.

She started the job and two days later it happened exactly like I said it was going to. Someone in the company wanted to mentor her and asked her for coffee.

What are spirit messages like?

When we’re talking to people who don’t have a corporeal body or voice, their messages come across differently.

My dad passed away 13 years ago. He never shows up in readings for me — it’s clear that he’s moved on.

But once I was getting a reading for myself and the reader said my dad had showed up and handed me a rose.

I said, “That’s weird, it doesn’t sound like my dad. He’s not that kind of person.”

I moved on with my life. But six months later I was sitting on my back porch looking out at these thousands of knockout roses. There are 50 bushes in my backyard. And it hit me what the message was.

Right before my dad died, I joked around with him that my backyard at the time had so many leaves. It was so difficult to maintain this big beautiful forest in the back.

It occurred to me that he knew that I had moved. He had seen my roses.

Is Halloween a better time to get a reading?

Holidays like Halloween have been a part of almost every culture throughout history.

It’s a time when the veil between the spirit world and the human world is close together, when we venerate those who came before. Sometimes those people come and give messages.

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a “best” time to get a reading. But when our mindset is like this, it’s a good time for your ancestors to let you know they’re still around, watching you and have a vested interest.

The messages show up differently than we expect.

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