From furlough filler to full-on business.

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee
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We’re toasting the latest class of Top Pros on Thumbtack — the business owners who set the standard for responsiveness, quality work and client service.

This week, electrical contractor Jordan Gilbert tells us how he unexpectedly turned a side hustle into a thriving business. Here’s his story.

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“I’ve been an electrician in New York City for 15 years. From time to time we go on furlough, so I started using Thumbtack to fill in my income. I ended up getting so much work I had to create an LLC and get business insurance.

Before, I was one of 50 on a commercial job site, never interacting with the client. Now I’m the only person that matters and I’m wiring people’s homes from the ground up. I get to put my word to what I do rather than other people speaking for me. It’s invigorating.

Just last week I found an unexpected issue at someone’s home. I told her, ‘Listen, I already quoted you a price, so I’m going to do whatever I can without charging you extra.’

I was able to make it work, and she ended up calling me back for another job. If I had charged her extra last time I wouldn’t have had that next job. But I’m honest, I’m straightforward. I get to do things for people that other people won’t do. When you can see how happy that makes your clients, you have a much better sense of accomplishment.”

Jordan is an electrical contractor based in Long Island, NY. This is his second time making Top Pro since joining Thumbtack two years ago.