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Ian McCarthy and Rosa Lynley built their travelling bartending service after spending most of their working lives in the restaurant industry. Now they run a business that sources locally and mixes drinks with attention and care. Here’s their story, as told to Thumbtack.

Rosa and I had been working in and out of restaurants for more or less our whole lives, and met while working together at a bar in the city. We both knew that we wanted to do something on our own, but it’s very expensive to start a restaurant or do anything creative like that without investors. 

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We realized we needed something that would be light on its feet. We wanted to make really good, interesting drinks, and we wanted to make them without compromising on materials.

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We’re not doing one hundred or two hundred gigs on a small scale or time frame, so it’s worth it for us. For example, we’ve created a relationship with a big client that is now in the low-to-mid five figures. That initial bid cost us $12, and now that one client is going to pay for all of the money that we ever spend.

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