Meet pest control experts, Jen and Mark Winter.

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Thumbtack Writer
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Jen and Mark Winter run Bed Bug Solutions of Cincinnati. Here’s how they built their business, as told to Thumbtack by Jen: 

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I worked in hotel management and Mark was my pest guy. When we had bed bug issues, I would call Mark up and he would solve the problem. Eventually, we fell in love, got married and went into business together. We both quit our full-time jobs in 2014 to give this pest control business a try.  We didn’t have benefits or paychecks coming in — and we put all of the money we had into starting this company.

By the time our website was up and running, we had all of three pennies in the bank. We said, “Okay, one more week and if we don’t get any leads, then we’ll start applying for jobs.” I found Thumbtack the next day. In less than 24 hours, we had our first job. Thumbtack was our sole source of income in our first six weeks, and the rest of the year sped by because of it.

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