Meet photo booth owner, Patricia Nguyen.

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 Patricia Nguyen decided to open her photo booth business, Just the Little Things Photos, after leaving her job in politics. Here’s how the Top Pro built her business, as told to Thumbtack.

I decided to start this business after helping my brother hire a photo booth professional for his wedding. It was so hard to find quality service and I remember thinking, “Wait! I could do this.” So that night I started searching online for everything that I needed to make a photo booth service of my own.

When I first started I tried advertising with Yelp and WeddingWire. I even tried connecting with my local chamber of commerce but the return was so small. I used each tool for four to six months, wasted a lot of money and then gave up. I have a website and my word of mouth business is growing, but when it comes to spending dollars on marketing, I only use Thumbtack.

This business combines everything that I love: being social, being creative, working with people, using my hands. I’m always dreaming up new ways to grow and make my business better, and because it’s mine, I have the ability to actually make those ideas a reality.

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