One follow-up trick that actually works.

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Closing a deal is all about maintaining your momentum. The easiest way to do that: give your customer a concrete next step. It’s one thing to tell a customer about your work — your follow-up should create the opportunity to show them.


Here are two examples, straight from the pros.


Elijah Bowie, a personal trainer in Columbus, Ohio explains, “I always follow up by asking clients to come in for a free workout. Sometimes a client comes in to evaluate my services and meets the person whose review swayed them in the first place.”


Garrett Hurlbut uses follow-ups to get an in-person meeting on their calendar right away. Garrett prioritizes shaking hands before hammering out details. “With my follow-up, I greet the client, ask about their schedule, and ask when would be a great time to come out and get eyes on the site,” Garrett says.


In the end, whether or not you win a job comes down to how a customer feels about you. Use your follow-up to put yourself front and center and show them the value of your work.

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