Overcoming obstacles.

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The magic that I see every time I meet with or speak to our pros? A shared sense of purpose --- pros from every walk of life, every profession, who share the unique qualities that it takes to run their own business.

Despite obstacles, you get up every day and make it happen. Let's talk about some of the obstacles that you have had to face, and how you overcame them. 

We want to hear stories of pros who have faced challenges while starting a business, and what tips you would give to new pros facing similar challenges. Have any of you ever:

  • Dealt with a non-compete agreement and had to move or delay starting your business?
  • Grown a company really quickly and needed help setting up payroll or benefits?
  • Left a job with health insurance and and had to find coverage for yourself and/or your employees?
  • Completely changed careers when starting your business (ie left corporate america to start a painting business, etc)?
  • Any other things you've had to face? And any tips?

Thank you all for continuing to amaze me, every single day.