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Without thumbtack I would be having to do way more work over the past almost 2 years to get new clients! I am extremely grateful I took the risk to sign up for something I was VERY unsure about and fairly instantly got my first, second and third job within a matter of few weeks of being on thumbtack! I have been able to really grow and put myself out there for other's who I wouldn't neccessarily be abel to find in my own efforts! I have some of the greatest and strongest client relationship with client's I found on Thumbtack.

I am so here to say Thank You!  

Grit 2 Grace Fitness, LLC



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@Grit2GraceFitne we're always so happy to hear stories like yours! It reaffirms all of the work we do in an effort to help pros find success with their own business. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for providing a great service to your customers. Keep up the amazing work!

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