Top Pro Tips with Nora

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About a month ago we celebrated pros sharing knowledge with each other with Top Pro Tips, which you can still see here. Today we’re excited to share a new entry in the series, this time featuring Nora, owner of Konorebi Murals. We met up with her at an event we recently hosted at our San Francisco headquarters and asked her all about her experiences as a business owner.

Nora spoke of the difficulties of managing her schedule and connecting with clients when she was first starting out in her business. Check out the video and attached playlist at the end to hear all of Nora’s tips. But Nora wasn’t the only pro we heard from while there...

Nora also told us how she continues to build her base of great reviews by using the tools Thumbtack provides to request new reviews from customers, but also how and when she follows up in case they’ve forgotten.

You can view all of Nora’s tips here. Thank you Nora for sharing your knowledge with the pro community, and we’d love to hear what everyone else thinks. What are some of your best practices for reminding customers to leave a positive review?