3 pros who fixed their Thumbtack profiles.

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Great profiles win more jobs. Here’s how wedding officiant Kathleen Kraft, house cleaner Paige Rounds, and event DJ Rob Goldberg build a winning profile.

Wedding officiant Kathleen uses a great headshot.

Your headshot is the first thing a customer sees. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure those words are “professional, trustworthy and talented” rather than “squinty, pixelated and unrecognizable.”

Check out the difference between wedding officiant Kathleen Kraft’s previous and current headshot:

Before & After - Headshot.jpg

Her previous headshot on the left is low quality. Plus she’s standing far away. Her current headshot is sharp, polished, well lit and framed nicely — it makes her look a lot more professional.

“I want my photo to reflect my personality — both my sincerity and my fun side, but also my professionalism,” says Kathleen. “I have the privilege of uniting two people as a job, my headshot should show that I take it seriously.”


House cleaner Paige has a lot of great reviews — and writes back.

Pros with five or more reviews are on average twice as likely to be hired on Thumbtack. At the moment house cleaner Paige Rounds of MaidPro Wichita has 26 reviews — the majority of them are 5-star reviews.

Obviously, customers like seeing 5-star reviews. But they also like to see pros writing back, even to the bad ones. Especially to the bad ones. Take a look at how Paige responds to both kinds of reviews.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 3.31.15 PM.png

For the great review, Paige thanks the customer for taking the time to say something nice. She also personalizes it (“I hope you’re enjoying your new place”) and offers her services in the future. In other words, she shows that she’s friendly, cares about her customer and that she’s always ready to help.

Let’s take a look at the bad review. Paige actually does the same things — she thanks the customer for taking time to leave a review. Then she explains the situation and offers a solution, because she cares about her customer. And she still shows that she’s always ready to help when she extends the satisfaction guarantee.

Any potential customer reading through Paige’s reviews can see that Paige is professional, responsive and friendly no matter the situation. She’s the kind of pro you’d want to hire.


Event DJ Rob wrote a quick introduction that sells his business.

Rob Goldberg of East Bay Digital Sound made his introduction perfectly skimmable. It takes under a minute to read. But it still manages to get the important points across.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 3.41.36 PM.png

“My bio was long,” says Rob. “I consolidated everything down to 3 key points. 1) When you hire me, you’re hiring a trained professional. 2) I use the highest quality equipment and the the most recent techniques. 3) I love what I do. That should be enough to get a customer’s attention. The rest goes in my Q&A.”

A high quality headshot, good reviews and a strong introduction can all make your profile stand out. Got any great profile ideas or tips? Share them in the comments.

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Instead of a headshot we switched over to a picture that showcases our work.  After our business tripled in size (from 1 to 3Smiley Happy we didn't want customers to be confused if a different face showed up. 

A good-lookin profile will definitely help your chances for a hire but what works the best it's a well-written template and a quick response.  I like to send a second message (within minutes) as soon as I see that customer has viewed my quote; there's a lot of people using Thumbtack for the first time and I want them to know that I am a a live person on the other end of communication line and not an auto response.  Ex: "Good morning/afternoon/evening (whatever applys at the time) John Do,  I can definitely help you with your________(insert service).  If you have a minute to talk call me direct at ***-***-**** or send me a message"

It helped us get a few extra jobs and reviews. 


Moderator Meckell

Thanks for your insight@JSGDS! Did you notice a difference in customer involvement or anything else when you switched from a headshot to a picture that showcases your work?

Active Community Member

No notable changes with the profile pic changing. Most customers tell us they chose us because of our response time and reviews.