Everything from Thumbtack’s Self Made event in one easy place.

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We can’t wait to have more Self Made celebrations like the one we hosted in San Francisco this spring. Nearly 300 pros from across the U.S. joined us for a day of workshops, networking, employee feedback sessions and fun. While we’re brainstorming our next big shindig, here’s where to catch up on all of the Self Made sessions, workshops and other resources. It’s our way of bringing the magic of the Self Made event straight to your virtual doorstep.

Presentation videos. Stream the event presentations and sessions on your own time, including an overview from Thumbtack’s head of product Noam Lovinsky on how Thumbtack works today, and an inspirational panel with four hardworking, self made Thumbtack pros.

Session recaps. Don’t have time to watch all the sessions? Get the short version with these easy to skim articles and other Self Made resources.

Self Made stories. Who are the Self Made? They’re pros exactly like you. Hear their stories in their own voices — and maybe even share a few of your own.

Other pros just like you. The Self Made event was also the first time we introduced the new Thumbtack Pro Community. The Pro Community is an online meeting place for Thumbtack pros in all professions everywhere around the country, a place to share tips and talk shop. Who said you need a big fancy event to talk shop and network? Not us.

Catch up on all of the Self Made sessions and resources online here

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Level 4

I'm in zip code 11001 would love to see TT networking events in my area. 

Moderator Meckell

@FitGloPro so great to hear that you're interested! We'll be doing an event on October 25th in New York, so be sure to put that on your calendar. Invites will be going out soon! 

Level 4

Fabulous. fitglopro@gmail.com - definitely send me info when you have it, & all the best!