How background checks help pros get hired.

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When a customer looks at your profile, they’re not just wondering whether you can do their job. They want to know that you’ll show up and follow through. 

That’s why adding a background check to your profile is so important. The customers who hire you on Thumbtack are usually trusting you with more than just a project. They’re trusting you with something deeply personal: their home, their wedding, their dog, their health. A completed background check lets them know that they’re in good hands. 

The background check is one of the first things customers might see on your profile. It shows up right alongside other details like whether you’re a Top Pro, how many times you’ve been hired and whether or not you have verified business insurance. 

Thumbtack makes it easy to get a background check through an accredited provider called Checkr. All you have to do is go into your profile settings, click on Credentials and follow the steps to get a verified background check. Most people hear back within a couple of weeks. 

Here’s where to learn more about how Thumbtack can help you get a background check. 

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I submitted my profile for a background check about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't been verified yet. Please advice! Thank you!

Moderator Kameron

@mikeholp thanks for your patience with this. I took a look into your background check status and was able to get it cleared for you. You should be good to go along with the badge in your profile. 

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I can understand that having a background check may help land Pros more leads/jobs..But I have my reservations about Checkr. Recently, there have been lawsuits against Checkr and Checkr has settled a few of those without going to court. This has me thinking twice about Checkr. Whenever I DJ for a school/church event, I get background checks from the school district, or church diocese.

Can you provide any proof that Checkr is safe? I've also heard of a few local business owners friends of mine that their personal information was compromised through Checkr.

DJ Stevie 7-5-2019

Moderator Meckell

@DJStevie If you have questions or concerns regarding Checkr and their safety measures, you can contact them directly at 844-824-3257 or They're going to be the best point of contact to get you the info you're looking for. 

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Thanks @Meckell , I'll reach out to them, but I thought that Thumbtack would have had some proof that Checkr is safe.

DJ Stevie 7-5-2019

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Here's an update after I was given Checkr phone number.

The phone number is for applicants only. What company doesn't provide any customer service for general questions?

They referred me to the email you provided, and I emailed them 3 business days ago(Friday 7-5-2019). Still haven't heard from them.

@Meckell, @taylor update on 7/11/2019, I received an email from Checkr.  They didn't acknowledge me by name as the email is very generic, and not explaining about information being compromised, nor the lawsuits that they settled out of court. I also didn't apply for a position with Thumbtack, so I don't know what that comment is for.(party received my application)

Does anyone at Thumbtack have any information to share please? especially if we have to obtain a background check from Checkr.

DJ Stevie 7-9-2019, updated 7-12-2019

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