How does Top Pro status affect ranking?

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Top Pros are among the most popular and best rated pros on Thumbtack. Getting the Top Pro badge is a big deal. But does having Top Pro status move you higher in search results?

Actually it doesn’t — at least, not directly. But don’t worry. If you made Top Pro, you have a stellar response rate, a great profile and lots of 5-star reviews. Those are all factors that affect ranking.

And while being Top Pro doesn’t technically “move you up,” it’s still a huge advantage. The blue badge on your profile gives you extra credibility with customers, which means you can get hired more. So keep up the good work! If you want more of a boost, you can always promote your profile.

If you didn’t make Top Pro, the good news is you can still improve your ranking and stand out from the crowd. Here’s how:

  • Start with your profile. Write a good intro. Add a nice headshot. Think about it — what can you add to make your business look good to customers?
  • Promote your profile. When you promote your profile in search results, you tell us what jobs you want ahead of time. If a customer searches for a job you want, we’ll give you a rank boost. You’ll get 20% off and pay automatically.
  • List your prices. Customers like seeing prices up front. It makes finding the right pro easier.
  • Get lots of great reviews. Having a lot of 5-star reviews means you’ll show up higher. Remember to always ask for a review after a job well done.

Respond quickly. When you do get a lead, respond fast to win the job, or decline it right away. A quick response rate improves your ranking.

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I try to do that making my business as possible, but I don't know I just have been holding myself back.