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It takes 2 seconds and will change how you use Thumbtack.  

Go to Thumbtack.com or the Thumbtack app — the customer one. Not the pro version you’re used to. Type in your service and your zip code. You are now seeing exactly what a customer sees: the top 30 pros for your service in your area.

If you’re not in the top 30, customers can’t find you. If you’re not in the top 10, your odds of getting contacted go way down.

At the top (in the app) or on the left (online) you should see the options to filter pros. In the middle is the full list of your competition and where you show up.

Now pretend you’re a customer. Pretend you have a big, meaty job and set your filters. Look at the list. Who would you click on?

This moment — looking at the list of pros and deciding who to click on — this is the key to getting leads on Thumbtack. There’s no better way to understand your competition or your customer — anywhere. You should do it at least once a week. Then you should be refining your profile and doing everything you can to move up the list.

Almost every single customer is looking for three things:

  1. Pros who look professional - nice photo, lots of good reviews, intro with no typos.
  2. Show up high on the list - the higher you are, the more likely you are to get noticed.
  3. Have a good profile - photos of your work, cost estimates, licenses, everything a customer needs to make an informed decision.

Customers have a short attention span.

When you search something in Google, you don’t often click past the first page. Customers are the same. They don’t have time or energy to go through pages of search results. You need to get their attention fast by appearing near the top of the list.

You looked yourself up on Thumbtack. Where do you rank now? If it’s not as high as you want it to be, here’s what you can do:

  1. Promote your business. It gives you a rank boost when customers search for a job you want.
  2. Respond quickly when a customer contacts you. A faster response time helps your ranking.
  3. List your prices. It helps set the right expectations for the customer.
  4. Ask for reviews. The number of reviews and your review rating influence where you appear in results.
  5. Have a great profile. Which leads us to the next point...

Customers make snap judgments based on very little information.

Customers won’t click something they don’t like — even if it appears at the top. You need to make a good impression right away.

Look again at where you appear in the search results. How does your profile picture compare to the competition? What about the number of reviews? Or your rating?

Make sure your profile picture is well lit, professional and high quality. Always remember to ask for reviews after a job well done. The more you can do to make yourself look good, the better. Don’t give customers any reason not to click on your profile. Because once they do...

Customers want to do as little legwork as possible.

Click into some of the top-ranking profiles for your service. Chances are, these pros give customers the information they want upfront. Prices, photos of past work and so on. The customer won’t waste time to find exactly who they need.

So fill out your profile. Upload impressive pictures of past jobs. Add your prices so customers know what to expect when they reach out to you. Write a strong introduction and FAQ (check your spelling). A customer is taking precious time to view your profile. Make sure you don’t give them a reason to turn away.

What tips do you have for standing out to customers? Share them in the comments below.

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Where can see my Ads?

I don’t see them 😡


@new5thatlantis I see that you have six different services that you offer. Which one were you searching for in which your business didn't show up in search results? 

Level 4

I just started and the first one I search for was ESL in my 30004 and 30022, my ad is not there. 

I will keep looking for the others.


@new5thatlantis remember that there are a few factors that determine where you show up in a customers search, which Taylor listed above. Looking at your profile, I definitely think there are a few things you can expand on to better your chances on ranking higher in search results. First is reviews, you currently have four on your profile, which are awesome! However, the more the better. Remember that you can get up to ten reviews from customers you've done work for outside of Thumbtack. Upon that, I would expand on your profile a little bit more. Get a background check to ensure trust with your customers and add any licenses you may have. 

Level 4

I only found myself under "Reiki" and "Hypnotherapy"  and it is not even correct. 

I am extremely disappointed.


@new5thatlantis send me a private message with more info about what's not correct about what's being shown. Once I get that, I'll dig into things!