Think like a customer to get more leads.

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We’re in the business of introductions. Thumbtack helps you find the customers you’re looking for. And on the customer side, we help them find the pros they’re searching for too.

But how exactly do customers find you on Thumbtack? Our newest tool shows you everything you need to know.

If you’re ready to see Thumbtack from a different perspective, look yourself up. It only takes a minute and you’ll learn a few things about Thumbtack customers, your market and yourself.


You'll see: 

  1. How customers search for pros. You get an inside view of what customers see and do before they contact you (the things that leads up to, well, a new lead). Seeing things this way shows you firsthand how to catch the customer’s eye in search results.
  2. Your rank in search results. Get a general idea of where you stand in search results — on any day, at any time. Try out nearby zip codes and filters (if available), to see your rank change with your search. Not showing up where you want to? Check out these specific things you can do to help. Give it some time and check back to see improvements.
  3. A real-time view of your market. Ever wondered about your competition? Wonder no more. Here are other pros in your area offering the same service as you. It’s okay (and smart!) to take a few tips from the pros at the top of results. Most likely they have lots of good reviews and a stellar profile. They've also set specific preferences to get more of the jobs they really want — so you should too. 

Whenever you want to step back into the customer’s shoes, look yourself up again. You’ll find the option at the top of your Services (and in a few other places too, since we think it’s a pretty useful tool).

Let us know what you think about our new search results tool by posting below. We’re looking forward to reading your comments.

And if you’re interested in learning more about search results, read through another community post on the topic (with a special Q+A).

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Active Community Member

Just a couple of questions...

1.  Why are pro's not told up front that by not using Promote, setting your job preferences has no bearing on where you rank?

2. How do pro's with 1 hire, and two reviews, new to thumbtack, no pro en record,  rate higher than say..a pro with over 20 5 star reviews, a 100 % response rate compared to the competition standard of 54%, a top pro....?

3.  Is it just about having promote turned on?

Moderator Meckell

@GeorgeH happy to clarify! If you aren't promoting your services, preferences aren't set. When you are in your services you'll see that it will say "promote your profile for specific areas" "promote your profile for specific jobs" and "promote your profile for specific times."  Promoting your service does indeed give you a boost in where you rank and we’ve let pros know about that up front in their account. Where a pro is shown in a customer's search is determined by more than just reviews. We also take into account the profile completeness, if you're promoting, how responsive you are, and if you have your pricing listed. It's definitely not all about promoting your service, however, when a pro promotes their service they get in front of more of the right customers by setting their preferences. 

Active Community Member

@Meckell that is a little bit more clear.   Kind of wish it was stated that way up frony.  It seems a little but decieving.  Do you have an answer as to why a pro would be removed from the list altogether?

Moderator Kameron

@GeorgeH if a pro is not showing up in the results at all it could be due to a number of the factors that we've mentioned and would need to look over that account specifically to see what the causes could be.

Community Regular

Here I got couple of questions, looking for answer from all including the members:

Why thumbtack doesn't provide us the clients phone number as soon as we pay for the lead?

When custumer only picked you, why thumbtack inform other pros aswell? 

How can I be sure that the lead is not requested by a competitor? Or someone who just messing around? 

Why Thumbtack care more about the custumers and giving them a great freedom on finding vendors, because I am the one who is paying and supporting  Thumbtack. I paid $535 last month and got only 2 gigs out of 30 leads. 

I am thumbtacks client who is paying to Thumbtack, my clients are people who wants to book me, so Thumbtack should treat me like I am the client so I can take care of my own clients. If this is a advertising platform Thumbtack should give me better privilages on how I look on the search.

I just had some one left a 4 star on my profile, I had 5 star rating all this time and some one I dont even do any work for left me four star. And my rating went down to 4.9 Contacted thumbtack but they cant do anything about it. See below.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.38.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.38.41 PM.png


This are my questions, please a member or moderator let me know why thumbtack made things so hard for vendors but not for party host's? I paid $535 last month and this is almost $6500 every year.

Aren't we your clients? 


Thank you

Abdurrahman & Andy 



Moderator Meckell

I'm happy to answer your questions @andyklein! We receive a lot of feedback regarding customers phone numbers and we hear you. Be sure to check out this post here where we address that. 

We want to make sure that customers find the right pro and that pros have opportunities to get in front of customers. That's why pros are able to send a quote to customers who have sent out to pros. Remember that those pros are only charged when a customer reaches out or responds to their quote. 

As far as customers leaving reviews, we allow them to review a pro based on any experience they've had with a pro. Even if it doesn't end up in a hire, customers are able to review a pro based on the communication they've had. Keep in mind that customers are able to do a one-time update to their review. You took the right steps by responding to the customer and trying to come to a resolution. 

If you have any other questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out! 


Community Expert


I have used Thumbtack as a customer to see how system works, and was very shocked to see that when I chose one Pro as the only one I wanted to speak with, I was immediately given a selection of other Pros. Is Thumbtack telling me that other Pros are better than the only Pro I wanted to have discussion with? I know that there were other options, but I only wanted to speak with one Pro.

@Meckell, I know that there was a discussion a couple of months ago on other threads of Pros requesting a time frame to reach out to "customers" for various reasons ( work, school, family time, doctor visits, church, etc) What has happened with that suggestion? 

To expand on that previous suggestion, There should be an option for "customer" to click NOT to receive other suggestions until that selected Pro replied( within a given time frame)

DJ Stevie 6-25-2019

Community Regular

I typically do not ask for a review for just speaking to a customer.  I find it a little unethical.  If the customer rates the conversation, then that is one thing but I think the review system is intended to rate the overall experience.