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Hey everyone,

We’re back again with another installment of our Top Pro Tips series! This month, we sat down with Jess, a Top Pro makeup artist in Salt Lake City. We had a great time learning from her and are excited to share a few of the highlights:

The importance of notifications

In order to balance responding to new leads quickly with the rest of life’s responsibilities, Jess mentioned how helpful she finds getting notifications through the Thumbtack Pro app.


Adjusting to customers’ communication style

Jess also talks about how she gets work by being flexible with how she communicates to different customers. Some want to book fully through text, some want a call. Figuring out what they’re looking for and acting accordingly makes a big difference.


You can see Jess’s full playlist of tips on Youtube here. Let us know your best tips for adapting to your customers in the comments below!

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I offer my clients the option of speaking via phone, skype, facetime, email or text; I offer multiple options of communication and let them choose the one they are most comfortable with.

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I offer my clients a free 20 minute evaluation lesson to make sure we are a good fit for them and for us too!

Offering something to get them in the door has been very helpful to my business. Getting great reviews from our clients is a plus.

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This is great @Staceydeco1! Thanks for sharing your insight with the Community.