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Hi there, I am ling

Become a member of the Top Pro is my pleasure。thanks a lot. I will doing best for the job!!!!

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Top Quality Land Scaping the name speaks for itself.
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I'd be happy to join this group. Since joining Thumbtack 3 years ago my business has grown to the point where I am able to work completely remotely from a small town in Illinois. I kept all my Washington DC accounts and have so many new clients that I had to pause my promotions!


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How’s it going guys! I’d love to be a part of this community. Anything you need as far a Personal Training And Online Personal Training, shoot me a message 

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Since becoming a Top Pro my business has increased , I'm getting more referrals all the time. Meeting wonderful people and enjoying my work more and more all the time. Thank You Thumbtack for making this possible for me. 

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@ColoradoLawyer I'd be happy to forward on any ideas you have for consideration. What specifically are you looking for or would like more details about when a job comes in?

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Helping people with small engine service and repair since 1979. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, blowers, trimmers, all things lawn and garden.

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Thank you for the recognition!!!

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Congratulations on being a member of this Top Community of Pro's.  Quit your second job of cleaning your home and office.  Contact Castle Cleaning for all of  your cleaning needs. We pay for referrals!

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We are glad to be a top pro movers again. Will try to do our best to keep it for the whole year. 


Dyno Moving

New York. 

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@SallyS @RBellamy @Gary1 @PlayDeep congrats to you all, keep up the amazing work! 

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Great to be part of the club.  walli with Orange County Drymaster, carpet cleaning Orlando FL

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I have been a top PRO twice and I have worked hard and it has paid off. But I am wondering if I need to have a 5 Star rating  with every review to be a top PRO?

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Glad to be here.

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CDE event bartending has earned Top Pro honors FIVE years running since I started this service business. For all your bartending needs in Atlanta we're here to serve. At CDE service with a smile is not some cliche' phrase, it's the way we choose to do business! Cheers!

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Hi , it's a pleasure for me to join! 

Everything to become the best is helpful! 

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Happy to be a Top Pro member Smiley Happy!

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I’m happy to be a Top Pro. Thumbtack has been my main source for obtaining interior design clients  I have been using this platform for over five years and have landed 42 projects from a simple design plan to full blown renovations. Both residential and commercial spaces and have had my work published in a few magazines  

Thanks Thumbtack!!

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Congratulations 🎉 everyone that made it!

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Congratulations fellow top pros!

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Honored to be a part of the community. Hope to see more ways to grow the business!

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 I’m a Top Pro in Texas! I’ve been with Thumbtack for over 5 years. I’ve also been a Top Pro for several of those 5. Thumbtack is where it all started for my cleaning business. Kudos to you Thumbtack for helping me along the way!

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Proud to be a top pro and associate with other top pros. Thumbtack has been very helpful in allowing us to help those in need of computer help in Atlanta. We're heppy to help all our Computer Partners.

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I have been a Top Pro for the duration of my Thumtack experience.My business has expanded exponentially, and for that I am grateful for your service.I am also grateful to the girl who turned me on to you guys.Thanks!!!-Robertson Handyman Services.

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Yay ! I become top pro on thumbtack . Big achievement for me . I will try my best to keep it continue . Thanks a lot .

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While I am pleased to be a Top Pro for the 4th time, I am disappointed that there isn't much emphasis to this on my profile.  When I viewed my profile as a customer it indicates that I'm a Top Pro in the overview but you have to then click on the details to see what that is all about.  

This is an elite and valuable designation so I would like to see more emphasis placed on it so customers can more easily see which pros are part of this.

I'd also like to know how I can copy and paste small graphic images of each Top Pro badge I'm qualified for in the signature file for my emails.  I did it originally in 2017 but would like to show that I've qualified in subsequent years.




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Thank you for the acknowledgemnt it is greatly appriciated. 

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Hi @EddyG congrats on making it to Top Pro! If you feel any of your leads qualify for a refund, we're happy to take a look and get you taken care of! Go ahead and send me a private message with the names of the customers and I'll dig into your account. 

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I have been a Top Pro every year since the designation was created and "Best of 2015 and 2016" prior to that time. I have been at capacity for last two years and rarely take on new customers. Top Pro definitely will drive business to you!

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I have been using Thumbtack for the 5 last year. Being a Top Pro for the last 3 years has caused by business to grow between 30-45% every year! I am honored  and proud to say that Thumbtack is why I have increased that much year after year. I can say that 98% of business last year was based on referrals. 

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Find out why Magic Dry - A Cleaner carpet has over 350 5 Star reviews!

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Hi everyone I’m pleased to say I’ve made top pro for the 2nd time. And want to wish everyone luck in they’re businesses though 2019 

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We love thumtack and we get few gigs true this platform, but before July 2018 it was better the prices of the quotes...


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Congrats to everyone who made it! It's an honor to be a part of the top pro club!

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I would be happy to join the top pro group
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Love being a part of this group!

Moderator Meckell

@sokonmah you're definitely in control of where your leads come from. Just go to your travel preferences and select the specific cities you want to do work in. Check out this article here to learn more and let us know if you run into any other questions! 

Moderator Meckell

This is amazing to hear @Shebroofing14. Definitely something to be proud of!

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Alright Boston guitar teachers where are ya? ~ top pro for 5 or 6 years in a row now...Not planning on slowing down, loving the job too much. Thank you Thumbtack for the great platform.

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I've been teaching guitar for 27 years as my full time job.

Thumbtack help me book 12 new students last year.

There was a bit of craziness when they were doing site changes, but overall, in the end, I think the platform will still work well for me.

I'm happy to be a Top Pro.  Thanks!

Honestly, most of the other guitar instructors in my area either were or still are a student of mine.  I'm the teacher's instructor.

I've been very fortunate, I get to play guitar for a living, and I have not had boss for 27 years.

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Hi there!

2018 has been a crazy year  and I've been out of the loop for just about its entirety. various reasons. Taking the steps to get back in the groove. The Thumbtack groove!

Thankful for the spirit here  

Loved it  and Loving It! 

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This is great inspiration. Having launched my startup in late 2018, I am looking forward to growth in 2019. Anyone in need of technology support of any kind, please reach out at 570-507-7409 or by email at

I hope to one day get to 'top pro' status. 


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We are honored to be a Top Pro! We recently added our new Top Pro badge to some door hangers and it looks great! Beachside Express Services in Wilmington, NC


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I love this @Beachside. Way to go!