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Got your eye on that blue badge for your profile? The next class of Top Pros will be announced in July — which means the deadline to qualify is just around the corner. You don’t have to fill in any forms to apply, but you do need to fit three important criteria:

  1. You’re fast. Top Pros respond to new customers within 24 hours at least 75% of the time.
  2. You do great work. Top Pros have a rating of at least 4.8 based on verified reviews.
  3. You get steady reviews. Top Pros have gotten at least five verified reviews in the last year.

It’s not easy to become a Top Pro. In fact, only a very small number of pros actually qualify right now. That’s why we’re introducing Top Pro Tips — a video series where Top Pros share their own experiences and give real advice on how to succeed on Thumbtack.

Our very first Top Pro Tip is from home organizer Laura B., where she discusses how to deal with unresponsive customers.

And check out our latest Top Pro Tip in the series, where mural artist Nora talks about asking for reviews.

Keep up the good work — and good luck. Remember, you can always check your Insights to see how you’re stacking up.

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So is that pretty commonplace?


About 40% of the "valuable leads" from Thumbtack end up being of no value even to Top Pros like Laura V?


I'm sure Thumbtack has a statistic on the % of leads that are completely nonresponsive beyond the initial contact under the promote system. Is that something they can share with us?


How about the % of those "ghost leads" that read the messages we are sending them as follow up to their initial contact. I am curious how many of the "connections" that I've paid for are actually getting my messages. If they aren't getting them, it doesn't seem like a connection worth paying for.


Is that a statistic that Thumbtack is willing to share with us?

Pros would love to have that information so we know how best to focus our time.


Thank you

Community Newcomer

I agree. I've paid for several leads that either did not respond or were just ghost leads. It has gotten to the point where this service is no longer worth the price. The good thing is, jacking up their price eliminated most of the cheap, less value wannabe competitors. 

Community Newcomer

I agree.  I have also paid for so many leads that were non-reponsive.  Even after sending a follow-up message, customers do not respond at all.  After they do respond to the quote, they rarely show up.  It's a waste of money. 

Community Newcomer

The issue for me is that we are not provided with any contact information (phone number, email address). Contacting the potential client through Thumbtack is not effective. Years ago , we were provided with contact information when we paid for a lead, now we are not.

I would highly recommend that since we are paying for these leads that we at least have the contact info give to us so that we can follow up more effectively. Otherwise, we will be wasting money on leads that don't go anywhere.

Moderator Kameron

@BP we actually had a feedback webinar with pros today and this was one topic that was discussed. Ultimately, customers can become wary about continuing to finalize their project and reach out to a pro when a phone number is required. We find that customers feel much more comfortable sharing their contact information once they've been able to connect and discuss with a specific pro. Keep an eye out for a post here in the Community about feedback and a link to the recording of that webinar soon. 

Community Newcomer

@Kameron... Thanks for that feedback. I understand the concern. I think we should find a "happy medium". I contact people through Thumbtack a lot and many times once I do get a response, or if they email or call me, they tell me that they never received the message from Thumbtack, which is unfortunate. It makes me feel a little uncomfrtable as a consumer.

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@Kameron  I agree with @BP. I would LOVE to have sharing their email be a "required field"!! 

Thumbtack has been a WONDERFUL partnership for me! 

I understand a client's hesitation to share a phone number, but we've ALL experienced sites where an email address is required. Even if it's their "junk mail" address that is being shared, it would be SO HELPFUL!

For me, because once I have an email for a lead, I can email them a link to my calendar to directly schedule a consultation with me. 

Being in the "wedding business" time is not always on our side-- there is a big date looming. Requiring an email would save them, and me, several steps! 

Thank you for considering this! Smiley Happy

-Pastor Crystal, Wedding Officiant

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Perhaps the reason so little pros qualify now is because of lack of leads since Promote was introduced.

Quality leads are now a trickle so less jobs and less reviews.

I think you should get rid of the review requirement until TT sorts out the issues with Promote, the Jobs tab and ghosting.

Moderator Meckell

I'm happy to hear that Thumbtack has been a great partnership for you @cermnybycrystal! Thanks for expanding your thoughts on this. All of your suggestions will definitely be passed along.

TackMaster LZDNVG

Thanks for sharing again. My name is actually Laura Brooke (B). Smiley Very Happy That's okay though! @PhilippaB 

Moderator Meckell

Sorry about that @LZDNVG! It's been updated Smiley Happy