Why should I use my Thumbtack calendar? Advice from other pros.

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If you feel like you're juggling one too many calendars, here’s why your Thumbtack calendar should be the one you keep. It determines which jobs you get, and keeps you from paying to connect with customers whose schedules don’t match up with your own. Basically, it’s your way of controlling the projects you take on, no matter what kind of work you do.  

What if I have a flexible schedule?

Maybe your business doesn’t have set hours. Your Thumbtack calendar gives you a lot of flexibility to update your appointments and leave yourself open to new business. This is especially important if you employ a large staff or your business is mobile — and pros in this position tend to leave their calendars very open, rather than logging each individual appointment.

This is the case for Top Pro house cleaner David Tello, who updates his Thumbtack calendar weekly. “My work is really flexible. People's schedules change all the time, so my availability has to change too. Thumbtack makes it easy for me to update my calendar.”  

Pro tip: Make sure your opening and closing hours are set correctly, so customers know exactly when you are and aren’t available to them.

What if I’m really, really busy?

If you’re in the middle of a busy spell or you’re pretty much always jammed, your Thumbtack calendar should be your best friend. Not only will it capture every new job you take, it also gives you the flexibility to set aside “me time” (or maybe just an hour for lunch every day) and know that no new jobs or customers will be booked in that time.

For Patricia Nguyen, who runs a photo booth rental company, the calendar feature helps her keep things straight when her weekends fill up. “I love the scheduling feature. You can block off specific hours to leave yourself open between jobs. Customers book calls on my calendar and all I have to do is pick up,” she says.  

Pro tip: Especially in the events business, where both you and your customers have set dates and times, set every appointment you take in your Thumbtack calendar — even if it’s a job you won somewhere other than on Thumbtack. Otherwise, you run the risk of receiving (and paying for) customer requests on a date and time when you’re already booked.

What if my Thumbtack business is a side business?

Your full-time hours will determine how much time you have to take on new customers. Let’s say you only work Tuesday and Thursdays, or only after 4pm, your Thumbtack calendar helps you make that clear to your customers from the start. That means no apologizing for jobs you can’t take. No paying for customer matches that don’t actually align with your schedule or bandwidth.

A lot of wedding officiants use Thumbtack to find customers as a side job. Carole Lane is one of these pros, and the calendar tool has made building her business manageable. “I make sure my calendar is up to date every day now that Thumbtack is sending quotes for me. Customers book me directly through the calendar and when they hire me it automatically updates my schedule on my calendar,” she says.

Pro tip: Use Thumbtack on your phone to add new appointments that might conflict with your working time. Especially if you only work on your business during weekend hours, make sure you block off all the days when you’re unavailable to customers.

Learn more about how to access your calendar from your phone, setting your job preferences and managing your jobs in the Thumbtack Help Center.

How do you set your calendar? Share your own tips in the Pro Forum and tell us if this was useful to your business in the comments below.

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I see no calendar... Mobile app on android... ? ?? 



Hi, @Dmarti2 it should be there, follow these steps to locate it:

  1. Tap Profile.
  2. Tap the gear icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Calendar.

This article has a lot of useful tips on how to locate your calendar are tips on getting it set up, check it out: https://help.thumbtack.com/article/pro-calendar.

If you're still having trouble finding it, let me know! 

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@Meckell Thanks, I was able to locate the calendar function. Looks good. Thanks again.