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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

Welcome to Thumbtack and the Community @MLCC! As of right now, we don't highlight certain reviews on a pros profile. Customers like to see the work you’re doing, so the most complete and recent review will appear first. After that, the review order is determined by:

  1. Verified reviews
  2. Reviews with at least one media item
  3. Reviews containing between 52 – 675 characters
  4. Reviews that have been updated recently

For example, a recent verified review with a photo of the job will appear higher than an older unverified review without an image. Let me know if you have any questions about this! 

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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

Letting Thumbtack determine review order is just another sign to me how out of touch your team is. Look at Facebook - people’s comments appear in order and most recent - not by if a person posted a picture or not. Look at Amazon - reviews are in order and most recent - Look at Yelp - in order most recent. The review order should be most recent PERIOD. There should be no “after that”. When I look up my services on myself and in friends phone - my reviews are never in the same order. Always random. Just now my first review was from feb 2018 - the next two were from 2016. Consumers don’t shop that way - ask Amazon and Yelp - leaders that are doing it right. Please - start making smart moves that help us! Most current review shows most current work done and most current representation of ourself. Because someone attached a photo they rank higher in a review? That is such a uneducated, unaware, out of touch choice. You think I would want a 2016 review to show up as my second review in my page? Tell me - how would you like that when you are looking at reviews on Amazon on a product your interested in - How would you like to see every review on Amazon in a different, random order. Maybe the first review is from 2016. Ask Marco - does that make sense? My April numbers were awful - horrible - as many others have been. Everything matters especially when other choices TT has make are also working against us. At least put our reviews in order by most recent. Please. Oh my, I can’t even believe that this is a discussion. At least then give us the option. I want my most recent review shown first.
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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews



I know that Thumbtack is allowing the Job Posters to sort through reviews(they have the click option to sort new-oldest, etc). For some reason, they want Job Posters in control more. I had one who hired me a month ago ask why I had reviews all over the place. I had to explain to her that it wasn't me. She said that she couldn't be bothered clicking the sorting tab, but looked over the references that I sent  her, which led to my being hired.

 I also saw that companies such as, Amazon, Yelp, and even saw on a Marriott site, that all reviews are listed from newest-oldest. 

Suggestion to Thumbtack, please allow Pros to control the review sorting, or have the sorting listed from newest-oldest. This way Job Posters see the newest up front, instead of wondering if the Pro has done any recent work at all, therefore, bypassing the Pro altogether.

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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

Exactly! Why TT doesn’t understand the importance of this - among many other common traits in on line shopping - is beyond me. Most recent review first - common practice on millions of popular sites.
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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

Yes, I would agree. Review management is something we need to be able to do for ourselves.

I really don't understand how Thumbtack thinks they can know about and make decisions for all of the varied industries.

It's impossbile for Thumbtack to know the best ways to market each of our industries and very definitely impossible to know how to promote the unique businesses within. (Unless you want to provide us with a coach who can actaully help us have success as Pros...which I know Thumbtack says they want for us. I am happy to talk with someone to help them understand my unique business and what I need, if you'd like to know.)

To make decisions about the rank order of our reviews should absolutely be our decision.

We know how to promote ourselves and should have ultimate authority over how to do that. 

Is this an authority/responsibility issue? Does Thumbtack not want us to have authority and responsibility over how to promote ourselves?

May I add another comment about Reviews? This is a big one for me!

Please, please, please....

Stop asking people if they would like to write me a review. I will do that myself. 

If people want to write a review, they can, but PLEASE stop asking them for us. Please give us the courtesy of managing our Customers and our promotion at least in this way. It's a big deal.

—Asking for reviews after one exchange, either messaging or a brief phone call, is not going to really be helpful. They have really no idea what to comment on so the reviews are so insignificant and don’t help the pro. 

PLUS, and very importantly, if they don’t happen to like the price or a very small thing disappoints them, it encourages them to leave a poor review which could really kill the pro’s business/ratings very unnecessarily. Especially when (let’s be honest) there are a lot of disgruntled people who like to complain. Give your Pros a chance to actually work with the client before you hound them for a review.

This is so unusual for businesses to ask for a review when they’ve done NO work for the client. It’s just not appropriate and could very likely backfire.

And the reality is, in these cases the ACTUAL business isn’t asking for the review…Thumbtack is. PLEASE reconsider this approach. 

And our email and message inboxes get inundated with suggestions to ask for reviews…I’m NEVER going to ask after 1 ten minute phone call with a POTENTIAL customer. What could he/she possibly review??

Let Reviews be our responsibility, not Thumbtacks. We can ask our customers at the right time AFTER the work has been done. What if someone reviews during the quoting stage but DIDN’T end up working with us? The review could be less than 5 stars based on nothing really. 

Also, what if the customer reviews us because they think they HAVE to because Thumbtack is asking for it? I’ve had that happen before…the customer thought it was required! And Customers have complained that Thumbtack's reveiw requests are annoying, filling up their inboxes.

And, what if we get a 3 star review simply because they aren’t working with us…or just because we are more expensive than their budget. Terribly unfair.

And what if a customer reviews us because Thumbtack asks, but then when the project is complete, they don’t go back and write any thing else because they think, oh I’ve already done that. Then we don’t get a substantial or even legit review. It’s just a poor system, in my opinion…which I share with others. 

We are grown ups, we are business people, and we can ask for our own reviews. Please let us have control over managing our own businesses/marketing in that regard. 

Asking for reviews might be a way for Thumbtack to be showcasing their Pros. More pros with more reviews makes Thumbtack look good, right?

Here’s the major downside…if you’re asking customers to review Pros so early, they might actually give a review based on something insignificant and not helpful…here’s an example:

As a customer, I get 15 quotes to look at…I contact half of them…I choose the one I want to hire, and it’s Pro A. Thumbtack sends a note, “Review Pro A…Review Pro B…Review Pro C…Pro D….etc.” I review Pro A a higher one because I’ve chosen them; the others less than 5 stars because I didn’t. 

Customers tell me it’s annoying and overbearing to get multiple messages from Thumbtack asking for reviews.

But overall, the best reason to let us ask for them is because it should be our responsibility as business owners! It shouldn’t be Thumbtacks responsibility. Encourage Pros to ask, of course….but then leave it to the Pros.

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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

Send review request ONLY after job completion. Pros select that date. No one else. Standard business practice. Amazon sellers send product reviews after you purchase and receive product. No brainer.

Reviews should be listed from most recent. Why am I seeing a review from 2016 showing up as the first review? I started asking my clients to list in their review the specific job I did - because I do both video and still photography - but customers are not seeing those job specific reviews and this bothers me tremendously. It’s poor business marketing for TT to not recognize this when general consensus is all people read most recent review first. Go out on the street and ask 10 people how they want to see reviews on any websites. On any website in the world! I asked my step mom yesterday- who shops on line a lot - how she reads reviews - what do you think she said? She said - I don’t give a crap what someone said 2 years ago about a product. And that is for me too. When I go to purchase on amazon - I want most recent review shown first. You know - forget it - I just don’t even know why I’m actually typing this and trying to explain this simple thing to TT. Just shows how out of touch your team is.
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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

Bingo!!! I've emailed, called, posted and done everything possible to get Thumbtack to let pros control their own review or at least, show the most recent ones first since 2017. Just like anything else, professionals get better with time and experience so recent review will be more positive than the ones from years ago. I had to cancel a gig 2 years ago due to an emergency relocation situation. The client gave me a bad review and that is the only negative one I have out of my 47 reviews. For a long time in 2019, this negative review from 2 years ago kept showing up on page 1. I had clients questioning me about a cancellation from 2 years ago and other deciding not to book me as a result. After numerous attempts, Thumtack informed me that they show potential clients "relevant review" first. So my 46 other 5 stars and very positive reviews were not "relevant" enough to show on page one. As I write this, that negative review from 2 years ago shows up on page 2 at the very top. Your post is spot on! I have been fighting this issue since 2017 and Thumbtack is more interested in charging 6 pros $30 for the same lead rather than help pros actually land the gig.

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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

I too have complained about how reviews are displayed. Most recent always! Look at Amazon! When I read product reviews I don’t care about four years ago. I want to know current info and how current these products are being purchased. I will skip a review on Amazon that last Review was months or years ago. Hello! That’s how it works. Why Thumbtack thinks this is clever to randomly show reviews is shows lack of understanding the system, customers and pros.
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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

What discourages me is the lack of responsibility/authority we have to determine what's best for our businesses.

Certainly, it's common practice to list most recent reviews first; that makes sense and it's why other businesses do it. 

Beyone that, however, I think the greater concern is that Thumbtack doesn't allow us to manage that on our own, thinking THEY know best which reveiws are most relevant to market OUR business. 

That's a serious head-scratcher for me. 

I know my business. I know what resonates with my Customers.

I know what's relevant and what isn't.

It amazes me Thumbtack believes they can determine the most important, relevant reviews are. And the way determine that?? Pictures, word count, some other random ways that have zero to do with helpful content for Customers or Pros. 

If this is a complicated behind the scenes programming thing, I understand that could be an obstacle. But I haven't hear that's what it is. 

The way I understand it, they really believe they know best. 

It's just disheartening and doesn't encourage what Thumbtack wants us to believe that they have Pros' success in mind. 

I wish it "felt" more like Thumbtack actually wanted to help us develop our business. It feels third place behind Thumbtack, then Customers, then maybe long as it benefits the other two first. 

I'd love to see some of these things change. I love my Thumbtack Customers!! I just get very discouraged with Thumbtack's processes.

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Re: Letting Pros manage their own reviews

I think this example is what I mean about how Thumbtack is trying to use a one-size-fits all approach to managing the process for Pros and communicating to us that our success matters to them.

1) Verified Reviews--that's great, but Thumbtack does encourage us to get reviews from other Customers, not from Thumbtack. So, when we do, they don't get posted (sometimes, that's happended to me, can't see them or they are buried).

I've had fantastic reviews from people not on Thumbtack (because Thumbtack said I could invite them) but then not be able to see them. What's the point.

According to this approach, these reviews are not even in the top four conditions to be considered. That's unfortunate.

2) At least one media item--I'm counselor/life coach. I'm never going to have a picture posted in a review. Ever. That would be so weird.

How can this possibly be "fair" to those of us with businesses where pictures of our work is never appropriate or necessary.

3) 52-675 characters--What? If the words are powerful and communicate the Customer experience, why is the number of characters relevant?

4) Reviews that have been updated recently--I'm not sure why this made the list. Perhaps you might help us understand how this is relevant or what this means. I know I have a real problem with Thumbtack "hounding" (their word, not mine) Customers to write reviews for us BEFORE we've even done work with them. Ugh. That is so irritating.

But here's the consequence: They submit a review ... with just stars. Why? Because they can't say anything yet, because we haven't even worked together. We've had a discovery call, or even one phone call, and they don't know HOW to even review us.

The problem is they are not likely to go back and update the review after we've worked together for a length of time. Because they already reviewed...because Thumbtack asked for it...not because the Pro asked for it. 

If they don't go back and add words to the stars, that apparently doesn't make the cut either for getting a rank. We could ask for them to, but that's weird too. "Hi, I know you already submitted a review but can you go back and actaully write something now. Thumbtack won't rank it for me unless it's been updated recently."

Please just listen to some of these things that really matter to us. Our businesses are our business, right? We kinda know what we're talking about and what we need.

Thank you,