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February’s product improvements


We’re always trying to make Thumbtack better, so that pros like you can be successful. A critical part of that is your feedback and all the great ideas you’ve shared on the Community. We’re listening to you, and we’re working on turning many of your ideas into new product features.

So starting now, we’ll be posting a list of what’s changed in the product each month, at the end of the month. Check back on this board regularly for the latest and greatest updates.

Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement. Have other ideas? Reply below to share your suggestion and you may see it in a future update!

Major updates for pros in February:

  • Specify what’s included in your base prices: You will now have much more control and flexibility to select what's included in your prices, adding or removing items from your base price so that customers can get an accurate estimate. We know that we previously didn’t always allow pros to accurately represent how they do jobs on Thumbtack, whether it was promising things they didn’t offer, or not informing customers of everything already included in the price.  This update allows for more flexible selection and display of what’s included in your prices. We know that every business on Thumbtack is different, and we want you to be able to show you’re different. That includes your pricing. Check out this new example below:Feb1.png


  • Saved replies: You will now have the ability to save the responses you send to customers - especially those responses you use most frequently. With this update, you’ll be able to reuse responses, instead of spending time writing the same response over and over again. This will also help you respond more quickly, which customers appreciate and which makes them more likely to hire you. Learn more about saved replies here.
  • Profile score improvements: We’ve made some changes to the profile score to help pros better understand what they can do to improve. Some of these changes include redefining the weights of profile fields, adding new profile fields into the score (like past projects, social media fields, payment methods, etc.), and making the profile score more category specific.  Learn more about these changes here.

Smaller changes for pros:

  • Unread Inbox message count on iOS app: We used to show the total number of unread Inbox messages and new jobs in the Jobs tab. However, we heard from you that it’s more helpful to only show the number unread Inbox messages. We made that change. And if all the messages in your Inbox are read and there’s a new job in the Jobs tab, you’ll see a dot letting you know.
  • Understanding the competition: We’re now letting pros know if there is a unique opportunity to be the first pro in your market to promote your business on Thumbtack. Get a head start on the competition. Learn more about promoting your business here.Feb2.png
  • Down-ranking pros with $1 prices: Pros who list their starting price as $1 will now rank lower in search results. So list your accurate prices -- customers want to see an actual estimate.
  • Removing notifications when a customer views your offer: You will no longer be notified when a customer views your offer. Instead, you will receive a notification once the customer reaches out to you. We want to help you focus on your interactions with customers once they contact you, because that’s when you can continue the conversation, seal the deal, and win the job!

Again, we would love to hear your other ideas. Reply below and let us know what you’d like to see on this list next month!

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Re: February’s product improvements


Thanks for posting. Just a few comments and then my suggestions below.

You closed the thread by saying "Again, we would love to hear your other ideas. Reply below and let us know what you’d like to see on this list next month!"  In the beginning of the thread you said "Don’t see your idea on this list? That doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it. Some features are much more complicated than they seem and take time to implement." Please don't take this wrong, but it sounds like you are contradicting yourself. You say first that if we don't see our ideas on this list it could mean that it's being worked on, then you say you would love to see our other ideas. So, are our ideas for over 4 months being worked on? Or are they forgotten?

I've given many suggestions, as did other Pros, some more recently in a private message and phone conversations. Guess we will have to wait to see if some/any/all of my ideas along with other Pros will be implemented.

As for the base price, hasn't that been available? I've seen in my services, and set pricing accordingly. But seems customers don't see it because when I had Promote on I received many conversations starters "What's your estimate?"

Saved replies? I don't copy/paste for every customer. I'm personable and send personable messages. This doesn't affect me, at least I hope not.

Another link for profile scores. We all know how to improve our profiles, etc.

**Now here are my ongoing suggestions which many reps/moderators have said it's great and feedback was passed on . Let's see if it goes further from here. If not, then I know I'm only being pacified to write some things.

1)****How about not charging us for conversation starters, but instead, after we get that starter--we have time to review customer profile, lead cost and event info, THEN get charged after we send that message, not before!

2)Keep the customer viewed for us to see!!! WHY WAS THAT TAKEN AWAY? Because it will help us focus on interactions with customers? What if customer never reaches out to us? Having us see if customer viewed us was/IS important. We would see if a customer viewed our offer then reach out. I know it helped me because I was able to send a message after seeing if my initial quote was viewed, and because of that message, I won many of those leads in the past. Now you, maybe not you personally, but Thumbtack  has taken that away from me and I'm sure many Pros feel the same way too! Thought changes were supposed to help us. Or am I missing something?    This gives us a chance to reach out to those customers, and not sit back and wait as Promote is doing to us.

Those are my suggestions and comments

Thanks for giving me the chance to comment and share my ideas, yet again.


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Re: February’s product improvements

You pressure us to list pricing, as for me every job is an individual price depending on material and difficulty. So I listed a dollar , now you're punishing me for listing a dollar. Think about this, why would I post what I want to charge for an actual hourly rate, and let all my competition see it? Why would they post it? It makes no sense
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Re: February’s product improvements


Some of this sounds good but please let us know when a customer views quotes so we can immediately follow up. This is a proven way to close a sale.

Also can you please email us when jobs are posted and while your at it email us when monthly updates are posted. This should be very easy to implement.

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Re: February’s product improvements

@JasonB , thanks for the updates.  I appreciate the effort to better communicate and be more transparent about changes.  I have a few suggestions/questions based on the info you shared.

  • Again, I appreciate the updates to share what's been changed; however, I think it's even more beneficial to provide these types of updates or releases to your user community before they're implemented.  Like here's what's coming this month or here's what's in the pipeline (even if a release date hasn't been determined).  This helps avoid confusion and us users finding out these changes randomly as we're navigating the ever-changing platform. (Case in point here where I stumbled upon the removal of 'viewed' notifications - this was just a few days ago and certainly not the best way to find this important info out).  In that same vein, it would be a good idea to notify your community moderators of these changes before they're released so they, too, are aware and are better equipped to answer our questions instead of initially thinking that there may have been a one-off glitch.  It would also time on everyone's end.  Communication on all sides is key here.
  • Also, I attempted to update my pricing based on your post, but do not have any dropdown selections to choose from nor can I deviate away from an hourly category (which is not how I charge clients).  Has this feature not been rolled out entirely yet?  I am desperate to update this critical pricing information as it's been my biggest gripe since the platform change last year.  I feel that I lost lots of opportunities in recent months based on prospects glancing at my "hourly" rate when it really didn't apply and wasn't accurate on how I charge.  To go from back-to-back hires to practically none remains to be extremely disheartening.  I want to update this ASAP. :/ How do I move away from hourly pricing?  Please see my screenshot showing what I see:

Screenshot 2019-02-28 23.14.31.png

  • And finally, I'm extremely disappointed about the removal of the 'viewed' notification status.  Really?  I feel that it's completely counterintuitive.  As stated above from other Pros, a prospect that actually views one's quote is lower hanging fruit!!  When I used to get leads left and right, I can't tell you how many new clients I closed because I knew when they viewed my quote and I was able to respond to them right away (and in many cases, this would be a good while after their initial job posting).  This is Sales 101 - taking this ability away from Pros when a prospect at least took a closer look at the profile is not a good move at all.  It's frustrating enough that we have to wait for people to contact us, but now we don't even know if/when they've viewed the quotes we've spent time customizing and sending?  This, too, can be construed as a deceptive practice that prevents us from seeing the low number of prospects actually viewing quotes that we send.  Please bring that feature back so this information can be more transparent.  It's only fair to the Pros.

Thank you,


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Re: February’s product improvements


For over 4 months, One of things that I have stressed to Thumbtack is to let us know before any changes are made. Same response for months, "we'll pass that feedback on", but you know what, it didn't happen because changes happened before they told us. So my feedback wasn't passed on.

I have also relied on knowing when customer has viewed my profile. It gave me a way, same as you and other Pros, to reach out to the customer. If they reply back to us, we get charged, so I don't know why that was taken away from us. I was also able to close deals. Customers tell me that they appreciated my contacting them.

And yes, I agree that the moderators should know, along with us, before changes are made. They get the brunt end of the anger when changes are made. At least give them a chance to review changes, same with us, prior to them being implemented.

Who knows if @JasonB and the Moderators will read our comments, and give back the customer viewed quotes. That was a win-win for Pros and Thumbtack, we seal the deal and Thumbtack gets paid. Love to see the response from them now

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Re: February’s product improvements

I also agree with keeping "the customer has viewed your quote". It is basic sales 101 to follow up with a message and shows that we as a pro are interested in getting their business. Why on earth would you take that away?

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Re: February’s product improvements

I don't see how that is an improvement, as @JasonB thread title suggests. If it is, perhaps he should explain how it is an improvement for us. It was a very useful tool.
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Re: February’s product improvements

I agree with you 100%.

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Re: February’s product improvements

@RCPS thanks for taking the time to address these points. The "Specify what’s included in your base prices" update is for any category with add-ons and inclusions. So it would appear that yours is not one that applies. I wanted to also let you know that I've made sure to pass along your urgency in wanting to list your prices by fixed rate instead of hourly.