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Re: Removing notifications when a customer views your offer

As @Hankster says, Spot on!!!



That was so profoundly stated!!!! I am the queen of analogies and absolutely LOVE your BRILLIANT trade show equivelent!!!! Everything you said was absolutely spot on! I have been banging my head against the wall over this consistantly here and on the phone with TT. Everything you said!

What line of work are you in and where are you based?

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Thank you for your praise!!!  You are most kind. 

Your activity on the community and your profile are a good model for success.  I can pick up some invaluable tips!

I am a videographer in Houston. 

When prospects don't reply or quotes are viewed but don't get hired we need info to help assess how we can change.  But most of the metrics I use have disappeared (or I can't find them). 

One striking statistic I learned is that when I don't reply promptly when quotes are viewed, my conversion rate is near zero! So, removing visibility into quote views is a death knell for how I used to win business.  Obtaining a competitive advantage now requires developing a new strategy.  Meanwhile, revenues have disappeared.

Although I have been a TT member for several years, I am new to the commumnity forum and I was surprised to discover some of the reasons my leads have dried up recently.  I assumed I was doing something wrong and when I tried to analyze bids I discovered information I relied upon was missing. 

As a result, I am forced to repeat the same activities and hope for different results.  A strategy that won't be found on any best practices list!