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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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Introducing Price Assurance!

Hi pros,

You told us you should only pay for leads you have a real shot at winning — and we agree. That’s why we’re rolling out Price Assurance for your services with targeting preferences. 

With Price Assurance, your exact match leads are eligible for:

  • Unread refunds. If the customer doesn’t look at your first message within 48 hours, you never really had a shot at the job. So we automatically credit the cost of the lead back to your Thumbtack balance. Look for “Read” under the messages you sent. These read receipts show you the most recent message the customer saw. 

  • Shop around savings. If a customer contacts multiple pros from the start, it means more competition for you. We don’t think you should have to pay full price these. So the more pros initially competing, the lower the price (for everyone using targeting preferences). 

Check out the full terms and conditions to learn more. 

So what do we need from you?

  • Turn on your targeting preferences. You’ll pay automatically (at a 20% discount) for leads that exactly match your preferences. Learn more about targeting preferences.

  • Respond to leads within 4 business hours (8am - 8pm local time). If the lead is an exact match to your targeting preferences and you pay automatically, you’ll be covered by our Price Assurance.

Frequently asked questions

How will I get the unread refunds? 
Unread refunds and shop around savings will both be credited back to your account automatically. Check your Payments to see what you’ve saved. 

When will I get my unread refund?
We’ll email you when an unread refund is on it’s way. These can take 3-4 days to appear in your account. 

Shop around savings are included in the lead price. You'll see the savings reflected in your Payments 15-20 minutes after you get the lead.

What else do I need to know?
We're also changing the cost of leads for some services to ensure they match the quality of the lead you get. You’ll see those changes starting Monday, Oct. 28. 

Price Assurance for pros carries a simple promise: when you set your targeting preferences and pay automatically for those leads, you’re protected. We’re excited to share this update with you —  and stay tuned because we have more coming soon!

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Introducing Price Assurance!

I hope these changes will help small business owners like myself. I am constantly paying for customers who I match with and cant get a reply back. Im putting more money in than im receiving at this point. I also have people under bidding me smh

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Targeting Calendar Preferences

By "exact match" to my Target preferences, are Calendar availabilities included? For example, If the hours 6am-4pm of December 4 are blocked off and a lead comes in that matches ALL my preferences but is a project that must be done during the blocked off time period, is it still an exact match? Does it fulfill the "exact match" criteria for the Price Assurant program? Am I still liable to pay for the lead? 

I have attempted to ask the Support Team and have been given vague and conflicting answers. 

Moderator Meckell

Re: Targeting Calendar Preferences

@ChefOfAllSeason if the lead is for a day that you already had blocked off, it is not an exact match. However, if the customer has that day but also selects allow pro to suggest other dates it would be an exact match since the customer is saying that they're open to days other than the one that was blocked.

If you have a targeted exact match, that lead is eligible for unread refunds and shop around savings.   

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Re: Targeting Calendar Preferences

I have different hours of availability during each day. So if someone wants an afternoon (1-4pm) or evening appointment (4-8), and I have a 2:00, 3:00 and 5:00 available, I can’t/shouldn’t block out the whole day. THEY can opt for these three times of the day-I have to block the ENTIRE day or I get charged or miss out on a possible lead.
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Re: Targeting Calendar Preferences

@Notinsured - this is a great point that I have issues with too! I don’t want to block off an entire day when I book an event from 7pm-11pm. I have all day free! With the triple cost of leads - regardless of the new price assurance - leads still triple the cost as to before Promote - we Pros would like more options to be specific about our availability. Blocking out an entire day ...? How does that work for an attorney or therapist or dog walker? People who may only offer 1 hour of service? Doesn’t seem right they have to block out entire day. Hope that this is being worked out. I still like the old way where I look at the date, the cost of the lead and the customer budget then I can decide if I want to respond. I’ve lost a lot of money with Promote this last year.
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Re: Targeting Calendar Preferences

This is my 4th “pricing evolution” with TT. Yes, every company grows and must change. These changes are drastic. I’ve defended them in the past, but it’s just making me tired now. This last week hit me hard. I’m hitting back and raised my prices for TT customers, saying it’s directly connected to their price increases. It’s all I can do.
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Re: Targeting Calendar Preferences

Allow pro to suggest other dates, should be removed from customers. While some will choose this option the majority, want cleaning done on specific days and times.
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Price assurance??

Can anybody explain to me how this is going to help?! It states that you get a refund if you’re message is unread for 48 hours. Only if it’s unread. So if they simply click on the message and never respond, your money is still spent. I would love to believe that Thumbtack is our for our interest, but it is so difficult when there is no effort shown to allow us as pros to keep our money with unlikely customers. And, if you go on thumbtack as a customer, it looks so enticing to just hit the “check for availability” button with no strings attached. The customers have no idea how much we’re getting charged. In fact, they don’t even know we’re getting charged. I can’t wait for an update that is 100% in the favor of our money spent.
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Re: Price assurance??

I’ve suggested to Thumbtack many times to please stop using the blue buttons to click that say “check availability” and “request a quote”. When we chose to use Promote we are paying to be filtered by keeping our calendar current and prices posted. Therefore, Do not have these be questions options for customers! Our price is shown! We are available! It frustrates me so much when I get a lead and it says “Joe wants your availability “! Cha Ching! I pay. Of course I’m available! I I recommend that Thumbtack use better blue clicking buttons that help us win jobs. Like .....

“click here to hire” , “

click here if you’re ready for the next step”.

“This Pro has listed themselves available for your date - click here to start conversation “.

“Read the Pros profile, price range and reviews - click here to start a conversation”

“Click here to review Pros rate range” .....then next step: “Click here to start conversation”

Customers should have full knowledge of our price range and know that we are available. Having customers click on a button that asks these questions drags out the process and defeats the whole calendar and keeping our preferences current. Please change these blue box click buttons. They don’t lead the customer in a direction that can help us win.

Also .... please stop using “courtesy refund”. When we call in to discuss a refund - a determination is made based on circumstances that a refund is given. Saying “courtesy “ is as if TT is doing us a favor. TT is not right all the time. No one is. We all make mistakes and moved forward. Based on a case by case review sometimes a refund is rightfully warranted. I don’t like when customer services puts that on me that somehow they are doing me a big favor by allowing this to be refunded. When the system has too many flaws - it’s the right thing to do giving a refund. Just give the refund and move forward. “Courtesy “ ..... no.