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Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

We heard we could do a better job updating you on the status of all the great feedback you give us. We want you to know we’re listening to you, and we’re working hard to turn many of your ideas into new product features. 

You’ve given us a lot of feedback about how we can improve the customer experience. This month’s post highlights quite a few pieces of feedback pertaining to the customer experience and how it impacts you. 

Keep reading to learn what we are (and aren’t) working on regarding your feedback. Below you'll find updates on some of the most consistent and insightful feedback we've been hearing. And keep in mind, timelines may shift as we learn more about how to improve our product.

Status Key:

Implementing - This change is coming soon! Look for it an upcoming product roundup post.

In Development - We’re revising, building and fixing updates that address this feedback.

Evaluating Options - We’re working on it and the project is in research and design stage.

Under Consideration - We’re reviewing, but other projects may block us from working on it currently.

Not Planned - No change planned.

What you’ve told us you want:

  1. An option to pause new leads when I'm unavailable

Status: Implementing 

We're working on this one. You need a way to pause new leads when you’re going on vacation, or don’t have time for new jobs. Soon you’ll be able to hide your business from customer search results. When you tell us you’re unavailable, you won’t have to worry about responding to new leads and new customers won’t reach out to you.

  1. More insight over how I rank in search results

Status: In Development

Since search results launched in 2018, we’ve been going through your feedback to improve the algorithm that decides ranking. 

Lately, we’re focused on making it easier for customers to get to the right list of pros (see next item). But we’re still collecting feedback about search results ranking and working to improve it, so keep that feedback coming!

  1. In search results, show customers if a pro is in their area or remote

Status: In Development

It’s frustrating to pay for a lead only to learn the customer doesn’t want to travel to you, because they think you’re too far away or wanted you to travel to them.

It’s complicated to get this exactly right. Some services depend on where the pro is located, and for other services, the pro’s location doesn’t affect their business at all. 

For example, some San Francisco customers won't contact a house cleaning pro listed in a nearby suburb, even though the pro works all day in the city and doesn't charge a travel fee. 

We’re exploring ways to show customers when pros are remote and when pros work near them.

  1. More direction for customers to lead them to the correct service

Status: Evaluating Options

A customer who reaches out to you but learns you can't do the job they were thinking of can feel like a waste of time and money.

Customers don't always know what type of pro they need for a project. We're exploring ways to help guide customers to the right kind of pro for each job, like providing more dynamic suggestions when customers are searching for pros. It’s a complex challenge and we’re working hard to solve it. 

  1. Bring back project status updates for customers

Status: Evaluating Options

We agree! Customers should be able to easily manage and update their projects on Thumbtack. Over the next few months, we'll be working on improving customers' ability to get to the next step in their project. 

We removed project statuses when we switched to search results, because the statuses didn’t fit the new project flow. But we’ve seen a definite need to reevaluate how we can bring this back.

We plan to show customers their project status in different ways to see what works best for them. Our goal is to help customers better understand how to hire a pro on Thumbtack, and encourage them to be more responsive.

  1. Charge customers to use the site

Status: Not Planned

We understand it can be frustrating when you don’t hear back from customers, or get customers who are shopping around. We’ve heard feedback on both these issues and we’re working hard to address them. But customers have many free options to find pros, and at this time we have no plans to charge customers for using Thumbtack.

When customers come to Thumbtack, their money should go into your pocket, not ours. 

  1. Pay only when I’m hired

Status: Not Planned

It would be great to pay only when a quality lead turns into an actual hire. But right now, Thumbtack doesn’t have a way to confirm when a hire occurs. Before considering this route, we're working on getting more pros hired.

That’s why we’re more focused on getting you better quality leads. We’re doing this by improving how we match customers with the right pros in search results, and gathering more information about each job. On the customer side, we’re building features that move customers along the hiring process. 

  1. Require customers to use all search filters before they can contact a pro

Status: Not Planned

Currently, customers must fill out every question on the job request form before contacting you (but not before viewing search results). If you receive a lead and any of the details don’t match your preferences, you’ll only pay after you review the details and choose to accept the lead.

Customers don’t always know how to use filters on search results to help them find the right pro for their job. We know this can lead to disappointing experiences for both you and customers.

We are always looking for ways to encourage customers to use the filters, but will not be requiring them at this time. We’re also looking into more ways to share when a pro can or can’t do a project based on the customer’s request prior to it being sent to you. 

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Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition


So then with the last Status(number 8)--Not Planned that you listed..

We will continue to get charged for conversation starters?

INSTEAD of reviewing "customers" entire profile(event info, customer info, date, lead cost, etc) then get charged after we make a decision? I've been suggesting this for 8 months now, and thought it would be a great improvement. After all, we(Pros) are the only ones who know will be a great fit for our business, not Thumbtack and its' filters.

So,  not implementing this will guarantee quality leads to us?


DJ Stevie 7-12-2019

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

@DJStevie We are always working on delivering better quality leads to you - this is why much of this feedback post was dedicated to the customer flow and how we can improve that. You also have the ability to bid on jobs in your jobs tab, where you can review all of the information that you mentioned and then choose to bid from there. If you don't feel you are getting matched with the right jobs by using your targeting preferences, then you are free to bid on jobs in the jobs tab - using exactly the method that you laid out here.


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Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

It's disappointing to see & that there are no suggestions that are under consideration for the July updates. I've made some great suggestions in the last few weeks. Is anybody paying attention to my suggestions? Feel free to PM me & I'll be happy to share them with you.


Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

@Hankster yes, you have definitely given us some great suggestions! As we've mentioned, not all feedback we receive from pros will be implemented, but everything is indeed considered. 

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Community Manager

Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

@Hankster These are not the only things we are working on. Many things are in the works here - all focused on making your experience as a professional better. Please keep the suggestions coming. Thanks!

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Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

Yes @DustiO I would hope those aren't the only things that Thumbtack is working on to make my experience with TT better. Because right now the experience is poor to say the least. I was expressing my disappointment is all. I've been making suggestions for 10 years now. None of which has ever been considered or implemented. I'm sure you'll be able to find all of those suggestions in the robust feedback system that you folks have at TT.

Hankster 7/18/19

Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

@DustiO - Thank goodness these are not the only things you are working on... no doubt TT is, as you say, working on many other ways to improve our user experience. Please share with us what things TT is currently working on that you have not already mentioned.

Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

It appears nothing has been mentioned about what TT is willing to do that prevents ghost leads. I know ways to prevent it, and so do many others. Nothing is mentioned about changeing the way filters are worded. The options present in my and a few other professions are incredibly vague. Most of the leads that are sent to my inbox don't make sense and for some odd reason, I am not given the option of stating a range of prices for events. Only two amounts are allowed. Additionally, An amount is automatically included in my quote against my wishes. Frankly, RR's methods discourage me to spend any money on these leads. It is difficult to send an adequate response and the leads themselves are unreliable. When is a vetting system to be implemented? The available "preferences" for a Pro to set are very few. 

Whenever I answer that question "tell us why" after declining a lead, the same canned insecere message is emailed to me. Something about "understanding my frustrations" and claims that a support team is on the job. It's always the same message. It seems obvious that no one reads the feedback at all.

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Re: Keeping you in the (feedback) loop: July edition

Last 6 weeks - about 20 leads and 3 bookings.  I paid about $250 for jobs that earned $1,200. That is awful compared to how the system worked before all these drastic, high cost changes were made.  And I am a Top Pro?  Wow.  It  so frustrates me.  Just this week customers asking for an estimate when it is clearly marked BEFORE they contact me.  This shouldn't even be a question.  More like "if you are interested in hiring this person click here" . . .   or something more motivating for a potential customer to go to the next level. 

Customers contacting me for a estimate only is costing me greatly.  Our hourly rates are posted and this should not be a question for the customer at all.  They should know the cost or range before reaching out to us.  However, In VIDEO PRODUCTION services, we can not even put in our rates.  So the customer has to ask us for a price or rate and we are forced to pay on promote.  Is that fair?  When in photography and event videography I can post my rates?  What's the point of filtering then if it's suppose to help narrow the best match? 

I got a lead last week who wants a photographer for 4 hours with a UNDER $250 budget.  My rates are posted and this lead should have never been filtered to me - I don't work for $62 an hour.  Minimum $125-$150.  I am a professtional.   But I am forced to pay for this lead on Promote and I was refused a refund.  Does that make sense?  No empathy on this.  Black and white only regarding refunds.

And the questions over and over I see, "wants your availability".   What is the point of a calendar?  To avoid paying for leads when we are not available for the job right?  So if I am being promoted to you - then I AM AVAILABLE.  Take this question away.  Let the customer know that YES - these pros are available this day.   I've paid for more leads asking "wants your availabilty" and "wants an estimate" and never hearing back.  When our profiles are given to these customers - our complete profile is there, our rate is there, we are available, etc.  So stop having customers ask these questions - they should have all the information needed before they reach out.  Thumbtack is the only one profiting off this format.  Let the customer read all about us, then select who they are interested in hiring.  Filter us accordingly as well.   I should not be promoted to a customer looking for a photgrapher for $62 an hour.  Period.  Streamlining the questions to the customer would also stop customers from contacting 5, 7 or 10 of us.  Last month a customer contacted 28 of us.  These are simple changes that helps us Pros get the leads that really are a "perfect match".    I do not understand Thumbtack touting the filtering system so we get the best fit leads, then have customers click a icon that says "wants your availability".  It's a question that is costing me.

Also, why does this announcement you have made here not go out to all the Pros in a email.  I found this thread by accident.  As a paying customer of Thumbtack, I feel that these types of noticies should be know to me right away.  Email all of us.  I do not understand why that doesn't happen.

And as for item number one, to pause leads, the only one that is listed as "implementing", I already pause my promote when I need to.  This is nothing new.  If you are not on Promote you dont have that option,  so simply turn off notifications or ignor.  Lets see some "implementation" on real issues that are costing us Pros unnecessarily.