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Community Manager Drew
Community Manager

Thumbtack has teamed up with Google!


Hi pros,

Check out Marco’s blog post for the latest on how Thumbtack is working to help customers find high-quality pros like yourself.

In partnership,


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Level 12

Re: Thumbtack has teamed up with Google!

Is this for Top Pros? Top spending Pros? Limited categories? All Pros?

I also advertise on Google, so how will this affect me?

DJ Stevie 9-11-2019

Level 7

Re: Thumbtack has teamed up with Google!

@Drew Can you elaborate on how this will work for Pros that already have an established presence as a Local Business?  Will the listing be competing with Local Business listing that organically comes up in search (not a paid ad)?

And how will these ads represent Pros?  Will the ads rotate between individual Pros at different time?


RCPS 09/11/19

Level 10

Re: Thumbtack has teamed up with Google!

Google Local Services certainly does not support all of the categories that TT does so the blog post is leaving out some critical points. Also, @RCPS brings up a great point in that many of the pros here are already on GLS and it will be needed to know how conflicts are resolved.

Also, I will add that GLS is not available in all areas of the country. Does this offering expand the geography presence?

Level 5

Re: Thumbtack has teamed up with Google!

That sounds like great news, when is gonna be implemented?

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