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Thumbtack has teamed up with Nextdoor!

Hi pros,

As of today, Thumbtack is partnering with Nextdoor to help members of the world’s leading private social network for neighborhoods instantly match with pros. 

Beginning with housecleaning, handymen, pets, and lessons, pros will benefit from increased exposure within Nextdoor search results and on Nextdoor business pages. Over time, the plan is to expand to more categories (including, but not limited to, home, events, and wellness) and we will share more information as it becomes available.

All pros nationwide who show up in Thumbtack search results are also eligible to also show in Nextdoor

Here’s how it works: When Nextdoor members search for local services, they can see up to three Thumbtack pros directly within the Nextdoor search results with information from the pros' profiles. When the customer chooses one of these pros, they are taken to the pro's profile on Thumbtack where they can reach out directly.

Still having trouble picturing it? Below is a screenshot of what you can expect:

image (2).png

Nextdoor is the newest member of Thumbtack’s Partner Network, which launched earlier this month with Google Local Services

Interested in learning more? See the full press release here.

In partnership,


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Re: Thumbtack has teamed up with Nextdoor!

This is good news...

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Re: Thumbtack has teamed up with Nextdoor!

Does "reach out directly" mean that I have to pay for the lead? Thanks for the clearification!