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Thumbtack Employee

Understand the strength of your profile (and how to improve it)

How strong is your profile? Now you’ll always know. Any time you go to your profile, you’ll see its strength at the top.


Don’t worry if your profile needs some work. Along with your profile strength, you’ll see tips and ideas on how to improve. As you follow our tips, your profile will get stronger. And a strong profile is one way to boost your rank in search results.

Here are the four profile levels (and a cheat sheet on how to move up!):

  1. Needs work. We all start somewhere. And all Thumbtack pros started here: with a blank profile that needs some love. First step? Adding photos and getting reviews.
  2. Good start. You reach this level after adding the basics to your profile — photos, reviews, and an Introduction. Fill in even more details to help the customer get to know you (and level up).
  3. Looking good. You’ve completed most of your profile, so the customer has a good understanding of your business. From here, it’s about adding information that will help you stand out. Add things like pricing and past projects for a bigger impact.
  4. Super strong. You’re at the top of your profile game. You worked hard to get here, so the trick is to keep it up. Pro tip: check your Insights regularly to see how your super-strong profile is performing against the competition.

Now that you know how to find the strength of your profile, go to your profile to see where you stand and what you can work on next.

Before you go, let us know what you think of our profile strength feature by leaving a comment below.