8 easy summer marketing tips.

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 Summer is a great time to market your business. Whether you’re revamping your social media profiles or renting a table at your local farmer’s market, here’s how to make the most of the sunshine.

1. Plan things out in advance. Draft your summer marketing plan before the season begins, including ideas, opportunities, timelines and budgets. Not only will this keep you organized and ensure you don’t overspend, it also gives you a chance to get a jumpstart on your competitors.

2. Host an event. Throwing a free event is a great way to engage current customers and attract new ones. Just make sure whatever you do relates to your business — and that it’s fun. If you don’t want to splurge on putting on an event alone, tag team with complementary businesses or host something smaller and less expensive, like a free class or get together. Whatever you do, be sure to display your company’s logo and hand out business cards.

3. Take your show on the road (fairs, concerts, races and more). Summer is outdoor season — that means festivals, fairs and concerts in the park. Rent a booth at a street fair or the finish line of a 5K race, and offer branded swag that people will actually want. Even better, advertise a contest with a prize that relates to your business and require all entries to include a valid email address to help grow your email list (but don’t forget to check your state’s rules on contests first).

4. Give back to your community. As a business owner, the health of your local community matters a lot. What better way to support it than by partnering with local charities and community organizations? You can do a lot of good by donating proceeds to a community group or sponsoring a local program or sports team. And while you’re doing good, you’re building brand awareness.

5. Attract new customers with bundles and discounts. Bundle your services or products and offer them at a discount to attract new students. And don’t forget your loyal client base. Offer existing clients a discount for referrals to motivate happy customers to recommend your business.

6. Partner with other local businesses. Team up with a like-minded business to create a special package-deal to attract new customers. Market the deal together, network with other small business, and split your proceeds when the discount is over.

7. Host a contest on your website or social media. If you use social media to promote your small business, host a giveaway that requires people to follow or like your account, making sure to check any local rules governing contests first. Share the link to your giveaway out across your social media channels to increase followers and build brand loyalty.

8. Update your website and blog. If business is slower in the summer, take advantage of the time to update your website, start a blog, become active on social media, create an email marketing campaign, and all of the other marketing odds and ends that you put on the backburner during the rest of the year

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These are great tips! Thanks, @hannahL!

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Great tips Thumbtack, your the best.

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Love contests, incentives and small giveaways.

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