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In a world where everything is searchable, more and more people are relying on online reviews to decide where to take their business. For many, an online review holds the same weight as a recommendation from a friend. Here’s how to think about building your online credibility.

1. Provide amazing service, every time. Great customer service and strong work make people happy, and happy people like to share the love.

2. No matter what, add a personal touch. If there’s an automated process to ask for a review, use it. But make sure to follow-up personally. People are more likely to take the time to review you if you ask them — and explain why it matters. 

3. Perfect your timing. You don’t want to ask for a review too soon or too long after the customer interaction. When to ask depends a lot on the kind of work you do — for more, check out Pro Tips for Asking for Reviews.

4. Thank everyone who leaves a review. Acknowledge really thoughtful and positive reviews, either on the review site or privately. It will make the customers who left the reviews feel special and — if you do it publically — encourage other customers to do the same.

5. Ask past customers to review you. They know your work and can help tell others why you’re worth hiring. On Thumbtack for example, you can ask up to 10 past customers to review you — so take advantage of that.   

6. Ask your customer in person. It may make you a little uncomfortable to ask for a review in person, but those thirty seconds of discomfort can result in a great review, which can turn into lots of new clients. Just be honest and explain that you’d love any and all feedback they may have. Added bonus: Customers are much less likely to say “no.”

What are your best review strategies?  Tell us here.

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