How to handle the holiday season.

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Put your employees to work.

If this is your busy season... Delegate. What can you give to your staff to free up your plate? Maybe they can manage their own inventory of supplies, so you don’t have to worry about over-ordering or running out. Or you could ask a trusted employee to handle the social media accounts. Hire part-time workers for extra holiday help. Rely on your team so you don’t get overwhelmed.

If this is your slow season… Take advantage of the holiday slump to schedule trainings for your employees. Or you could use the extra time to plan team-building activities or outings to boost morale and reward employees for their hard work.


Take time for marketing.

If this is your busy season… Put a seasonal touch on your Thumbtack profile. Add holiday-themed pictures. Or offer a special holiday discount in your introduction. Build your profile to convince your customer that you’re the best pro for their holiday project.

If this is your slow season… Revisit your marketing strategy. What worked and what didn't? Build a social media strategy and create content to post next year. If you already have an online presence, keep customers engaged by running a holiday contest or posting high-quality content. You may have fewer jobs right now, but hey — you can still remind your customers that you exist.


Stick to a schedule.

If this is your busy season… Mark yourself as “hired” any time you win a job on Thumbtack. Those appointments will automatically get added to your calendar and you can stay on top of your schedule. And remember, it’s easy to overwork yourself when things get crazy. Book time to rest occasionally — and stick to it.

If this is your slow season… Plan for the year ahead and set new business goals. Fill your schedule with networking events. Finally get around to the things you’ve been putting off — organize old paperwork, set up online invoicing, catch up on industry news. Or, you could sit back and relax. Hey, it’s been a busy year. We bet you’ve earned a break.

Do you have any tips for staying sane during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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@PatriciaN, I'm sure this is is a busy time of year for you as photobooths have become such a hit for holiday parties. How do you handle the holiday season? 


@PatriciaN, I'm sure this is is a busy time of year for you as photobooths have become such a hit for holiday parties. How do you handle the holiday season? 

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@Meckell, I totally relate to this! 

I start ordering all my paper and ink now in case there is a shortage of products in December and get extras of everything. 

I've already made the mistake of overbooking myself this year for a few dates, which shows me I should up my prices since my industry is in such demand during the holidays.

I never thought of changing up my profile's images to reflect the holidays, so that's a great tip!

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