How to motivate your employees and contractors.

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When you think about hiring and retaining great employees, odds are you’re thinking about one thing: salary. But money isn’t the only thing that motivates people to do their best work. Here are 7 things you can do to motivate your full-time and contract employees to stay inspired and do great work.

  1. Provide orientation and training programs.  

    When a full-time employee starts a new job, they should go through an onboarding program that gets them oriented to your business processes and philosophy. This is also when they learn who’s who, pick up customer service skills, and sync on the the company’s mission. In order for your team to be successful this training should be provided for everyone, including contract employees.   

  2. Set clear expectations for yourself and your employees.

    Provide clear direction. Outline how employees should reach the goals you set together, and create a way of measuring their success. Employees want to feel like their work matters, so be clear about the impact you expect them to have, and celebrate successes. In addition, be clear about processes, communication, and the type of support they can expect to receive. When it comes to contract workers, do all of that, and make sure they understand the scope or length of a project, so that everyone is on the same page.

  3. Praise publicly.

    If an employee does great work or goes above and beyond, compliment them in front of their co-workers. If you’re not comfortable with public displays, you can send the acknowledgement via email or in a company meeting. Either way, it will make the employee feel appreciated and will compel them, and others, to keep working hard. If you have some sort of recognition program in place, make sure that contractors are also considered.

  4. Check in with your reports regularly.

    Make time to check in with your employees about more than just their successes and failures. Ask if they have feedback for you, how things are going, and if there’s anything you can do to help. This will make them feel valued and heard, which opens channels of communication.

  5. Show employees that you trust them.

    Employees value autonomy. It allows them to figure out the best way to achieve their goals and gives them a sense of ownership over their work. Instead of worrying about exactly how they get the job done, focus on the outcome. Give them space and flexibility to do their work and do it well.

  6. Give employees and contractors room to grow.

    No one wants to be at a dead-end job. Employees want to feel like they are learning and gaining new skills, so it’s up to you to offer training and opportunities for advancement. If you don’t, don’t expect them to be excited about the job or stick around for very long.

  7. Create an inclusive environment.

    Make sure everyone feels like they’re a part of the team, including contract workers. Include them in team lunches, meetings, and on email lists. Make sure they feel like they are valued, and avoid anything that could make them feel separate from the team.

How do you keep your employees engaged? Tell us in the comments.

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Thank you for sharing this @PhilippaB! Some great points made here for pros looking to grow their business, and who are looking to hire and keep employees around that share their passion. 

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We do not hire employees per say, We look to hire team members, whether they are an entry level labor or an experienced carpenter. All jobs in our company carry the same level of responsibility and recognition. Every person's job is just as important as the other. In other words, everyone has their place and it is important. Also when we hire entry-level members we do not expect them to stay at that level. We want people that want to grow. 


Welcome to the Community @EcoTeamLeader. Thanks for your insight on this!