You can vote even if you’re really busy. Here’s how.

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Make sure you’re registered to vote. Check here to see if you are. If you’re not, don’t panic. Many states allow you to register in-person including Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa and Maine. Check the deadlines for your state here.

Request an absentee or mail-in ballot. Are your jobs booked back-to-back? If you can’t block time to vote on election day, you may be able to vote by mail. Depending on your state, you can request an absentee ballot in-person, or online here. Remember to check the deadlines for absentee ballots in your state.

Vote early. Most states allow people to vote in-person before Election Day. You don’t even need an excuse! See if your state has early voting.


Do your homework. Get familiar with what’s on your ballot beforehand. Read through your voter guide to familiarize yourself with the ballot measures and candidates. It’s a lot of homework, but you don’t have to vote on absolutely everything in your ballot. Vote for the issues you care about. It’s okay to leave something blank if you don’t have an opinion.

Double-check the details. Make sure you have the right address for your polling place by checking this this locator. And ID requirements vary by state, so double-check that you bring the right kind of ID.

That was a lot of resources we threw your way. To recap, here’s a full list:

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