Customers are searching for these services and getting few results

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Community Manager
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Customers in the Miami area are searching for pros and getting few results in these categories. Help us provide a better experience by checking out the list below. Add a service and turn on targeting if you offer it, or refer a pro who does (we'll give you $50 when they spend $50).


  • TV repair services
  • Concrete installation
  • Outdoor landscaping and design
  • Fence and gate installation
  • General carpentry


In order to complete this action for the Pro Community Challenge, email procommunity@thumbtack.com letting us know whether you’ve enabled targeting for one of these categories, or referred a pro to sign up. If you’ve referred a pro, attach or forward your email confirmation. 

This list is always changing as supply and demand shift across our marketplace. We’ll share updates here periodically so you can take advantage of seasonal opportunities to expand into new service categories (or refer pros and get free Thumbtack credit!)