Meet mother and daughter florists, Christina and Mei Yan.

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Christina and Mei Yan are co-owners of Bellevue Floral Co. in Burlingame, California. Here’s what the Top Pro mother and daughter have learned about running their florist business, as told to Thumbtack by Christina.  

When this event florist business fell into place, it felt like I’d been waiting my whole life for this. I booked my first wedding on Thumbtack, and my mom Mei and I now run this business together. Between prepping, labeling, cleaning and making the magic happen at events, it really takes a village. Some days I’m up at 4am at the flower mart, but I really feel lucky. We live for our clients and our community, including the kids we teach about floristry — the next generation of farmers and florists.

 My mom is my hardest critic, I will say that. But I wouldn’t trade our working relationship for anything. I moved away for college and lived hundreds of miles away some time after. Now I’m back in the Bay and my mom is retired, so everything has came together at the right time. It’s been great, as we get to spend most of the week together. Whether we're sorting flowers or hashing out the timeline for a wedding delivery, every aspect of our business is more fun because we're in it as a team.

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Christina and Mei, your arrangements are beautiful! I love that you're a mother-daughter team Smiley Happy