Meet music teacher, Vaughn Chung.

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Vaughn Chung runs Chung Music Academy in Houston. Here’s how he built his business, as told to Thumbtack:

My parents moved here from Vietnam during the war, and they brought music with them. But it was always something they did only in private. I remember hearing my dad tuning his guitar at night when he thought that I was asleep. When I was ten, I told him I wanted to learn to play and he agreed to teach me. We didn’t have money for lessons, so he bought me books and CDs and practiced with me. It’s probably part of why I teach music today.

Being the greatest player doesn’t make you the greatest teacher or networker. In the five years I’ve been on Thumbtack I’ve learned how to be better on social media, better at networking with people, and learning through trial and error to what works and what doesn’t. People get discouraged in this line of work because there are so many peaks and valleys. There are months you do really well and months you don’t do so well. Adversity reveals who you are, so you have to believe in who you are and what your philosophy is. If you commit to that, good things tend to happen.

I went from zero reviews five years ago to 70 five-star reviews, so it’s been a pretty big journey.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@vaughn is literally the most zen person I have ever met. If I could take guitar lessons from him, I would!

Level 7

You are an inspiration, Vaughn! You followed your heart and your passion, & didn't give up. It reminds us to keep on trying, to learn from our mistakes,  and help others when we have made it through the life lessons.  Congratulations and wishes for your continued success!