We thought in 6-8 weeks he'd be ok.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 5.14.22 PM.pngFaye (right) and daughter Sarah -- Air Necessity, Inc is a family business 

The week my husband went into the hospital for cancer treatment was the week I got laid off. We thought in 6-8 weeks he’d be okay. He passed away in 3 months.

Leaving a family legacy is the main reason I started my company. I have five adult children and eight grandchildren. My husband really wanted something to leave behind to our kids, and when he passed I wondered, “How can I do this? For him, for me, for our family.” After working for an AC company for 8 years I saw that if you ran a business ethically and honestly you could succeed. I saw that my former boss’s downfall was his dishonesty. I knew that. So I talked to my son and he said, “We can do this mom, if we are honest and treat people well, we can do it.

So I studied, I took the exam, and got my AC contractor’s license and started my company. Now my son works with me, he’s my head service technician. My daughter had worked as a private banker for years in the corporate world and she’s just recently started working for me and I am so happy. I said to my daughter, “I know pay is less than the corporate world, but this can be a business for your family. Help me build this for our family. Help me build a legacy."

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Love this!

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Inspiration for me and my future progeny.