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Hello everyone worldwide national emergency, but is very hard in time can not be too hamstrung by COVID_19,

How You will stay?

Why am I write here today because i got unreasonable my experience? I would like to report it and share it with everyone.

Set your profile and target as a professional here. But not target leads you will not Receive sometimes.

Contact THUMBTACK each time or DISPUTE refund Have to. 

I'm really annoyed that, despite having set it up, I did set up already then why I often receive and get non refundable leads outside of my customer target. What should I do?  and

Do you all have the same experience? When the pro receives the lead
You have to pay automatically. I understand that paying the lead from the target is understandable and OK,

but I want the wrong no target lead Charge to be refund immediately. I asked them why not refund it ? They said 

i did not set up that time. i did set up my business target already and i checked often my site ..

We shouldn't have to pay for non-targeted leads, and PRO should be able to choose when the leads come up, right?

Depending on the mean person in charge of the thumbtack, it will not be refunded!!!

Small cost but often they not refund it . nobody want to repeat it.

I don't understand their purpose. I would like to make improvements so that professionals and customers can work smoothly.

We'd love to hear your feedback on leads.

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thumbtack has to improve on letting customers know we " pro's " pay a price for each lead. I would say 99% of the cutomers do not know we pay for the lead and have no idea how EXPENSIVE especially now since they have elevated the pricing. Thumbtack should be clear that yes it is FREE for them to pick and choose but to be conscious that each person they pick and respond end up paying. By them knowing we pay it will hopefully END the annoying people who are just shopping for prices.