Ambiguous Location Description

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I have been stung several times with this scenario : I bid for a job (manually or through targeting) based on my location preferences. Client responds with an entirely different location (out of my range, sometimes out of state) in mind. Valuable dollars needlessly lost (on my part anyway) to basic miscommunication.

So it seems some customers just fill in the 'Location' box based on their current location not where the job will be. 

I understand ambiguity suits Thumbtack's purpose but they should consider changing the descriptor to 'Job location' or something with more clarity.


Re: Ambiguous Location Description

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This exact scenario happened to me. When I called the “direct lead” that I had paid for, that said it was five minutes down the road from my location, to set up a meet and greet he states he’s in a different town that is over an hour away from me. There is no way this would be a perfect lead for me. But unless I have proof of the phone call they will not refund the money for the lead. I of course did not tape the phone call, of course it will be very easy for them to see they didn’t hire anybody in that area because that’s not where the job was. I am totally disappointed once again with thumbtack and their way to make money on things that are ethically wrong. I to have my area set within like a 5 to 10 mile radius and all day long all I get is text of jobs that are nowhere close to my radius. I’m sure we all give thumbtack maybe a four- five as far as being a great company. It is very unprofessional the way they do it.