Artists and Illustrators, Leads are mostly a Game of Chance

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This is for all the artists/illustrators on Thumbtack, and a issue i have found. As an illustrator, the majority of leads I look at do not provide any detailed information about the what the job will consist of. “Illustrating” could mean countless things. It could be book with 40 highly detailed medical illustrations, or it could be 1 illustration of their dog. The bare, bare minimum I’m looking for on a lead, is a brief description what the job is, and how many illustrations will be needed. (I would REALLY love to have Thumbtack have the person at least ball-park a budget as well, but that’s a whole other can of worms)

There are so many jobs I pass over because I have no idea what the client actually is after. I would be over the moon if Thumbtack made it so, when your posting a job offer for Illustration, it is REQUIRED to list amount of illustrations and a brief description of the job, otherwise you can’t make a listing. That is truly, not much to ask for, and honestly I don’t know how thumbtack expects artist to pay for leads blindly, with little to no information about the lead we are paying for.