I'm not getting enough leads even though I'm at the top of the list on searches. Targeting issue?

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I use thumbtack to get jobs in three areas: performing ('Music Entertainment'), teaching ('guitar lessons'/'music theory lessons' -- Thumbtack still doesn't offer an option for trumpet lessons.) and audio engineering/recording. In each area, I'm at the top of the results but I am still not getting very many leads. My wife also teaches, for instance, and she is getting more guitar lesson leads than I am, despite that being my primary instrument. I'm open to the chance that my bio isn't very appealing or something... but my reviews are plentiful and positive and I have plenty of pictures of me in action. I check the 'Opportunities' page and don't see much either... is Thumbtack just slow right now? Or is there a chance that my targeting preferences are chopping off possible leads? I feel like I have optimized them... but maybe I'm missing something.