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Thumbtack.....you would think that during this time when we as small business owners are struggling you would be empathetic to your core business customer, instead however you are becoming one of "them" when for years you have stood out as a reputable company to partner with.  Money matters but so does loyalty....how are  you going to survive when you price yourself out of contractors and have no one to buy your service?????

I am wondering if it is only me or are there others. 

Ever since the inception of "targeted Marketing" the only difference that I have seen is an increase in price.  I have literally spent more this week on leads that were "targeted" then I have during our peak season weeks since we have been with Thumbtack.  It is frustrating to say the least, we are in a time where every dollar counts and to have to pay over $500 for leads in a week is crazy!! I ask for refunds as many don't even bother to read my initial contact response and am declined, or they are tire kickers now that everyone is home, or they don't know the correct way to request a bid.  I've had people put the max on footage when in reality they want maybe 50' causing a difference in my lead pricing of $40-50 per lead.  I've also seen that when I have a job request with a price listed and can't respond at that moment, when I go back to accept the lead the pricing has gone up????? Has anyone else paid attention to this?? Our response time is less then 15-30 minutes and highly ranked in our field, why would they increase the price???  I have always been extremely happy with the results we have gotten thru Thumbtack but at this time I am beyond disappointed.  You would like to think that with the number of contractors who make their living off of paid leads from this platform that Thumbtack would be a little more sympathetic and loyal to those of us that continuously use this service.  Instead of designing ways to help us they have instituted a program that is now unaffordable.  I have been with Angie's List and Home Advisor and left both due to the guerrilla pricing tactics that they practiced.  Up until this change on Thumbtack they were killing it with customer service and providing an honest platform.  

Anyone else seeing any of these things?


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