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I jumped into this fulltime 8 months ago as a handyman. The learning curve cost me $ but there was an immediate return. I started with a 50 mile radius and the leads came fast and furious. I was not effecient but after 2 months started to learn how to curtail the TT leads/expense. I honed my handyman skills, recieved positive reviews plus repeat customers who liked the 'intro' work, I raised my hourly rate, analyzed ROI at 10:1 (not taking into account materials).

I have to say, TT has help me to launch a customer based platform where each month is an improvement. Today 50% of my activity continues to comes from TT leads. But my lead cost has drop significantly and lead conversion is much more targeted. 

Get serious if your serious. Business cards, thank you notes. Put a sticker on your work that the customer 'can't lose'. I spent less than $200 for a 'starter pack'. At a customer RE office job, I gave agents these items, which led to a referral, which led to another referral. So that marketing expense paid for itself in 24 hours. 

One thing I keep forgetting to do, is ask the customer why they hired/selected me. The few times I've asked about a review that didn't achieve a 5 star, I learned a lesson from their point of view. Its always boils down to communication or lack of it being more clear.

Newcomers, also take the time to review the past week - leads, costs, results. And then measure that again the following weeks to see your growth. 


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Thank you so much for sharing @Rkalafate2! Glad to hear that Thumbtack has been able to help you and you're business. I love the tip about asking why the customer chose to hire/select you. Keep up the awesome work!

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