Re: Promote your business to tell us exactly what jobs you want.

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Thanks for clarifying, Mekell.  I'll do the same.  What I don't like and don't want is to be charged for a lead before I have a chance to see it and decide whether or not I wish to respond to it.  I've received numerous leads that indicate I've already paid for it before I even saw it.  So even though I may decide that what the client wants is outside my wheelhouse, so to speak, or in a particular section of town that I don't service, I paid for it anyway.  In addition, the inability to limit leads to my service area (outside of the Promote function) makes it more difficult and time consuming for me to use the site.  If that's the only way TT can make a profit and provide the service, then so be it.  But if someone else can figure out a way to do it without charging me for a lead before I have a chance to review it, they'll become a significant competitor.

Turning Promote OFF!

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OK, I gave it a shot. I drank the Kool-Aid and went with Promote  for 3 solid months. I am a Top Pro with many High Quality Reviews. My Profile is complete and I have had 2 sessions with Customer representatives helping me tweek my Profile. They even admitted there was not much they could suggest because I was already doing the right things. I made very minor changes over 3 months ago and have not gotten a single Gig since. Prior to that things were already sketchy as TT had implented changes and I could tell something was different. As best I can tell they simply are not generating enough leads for the number of "Active Pros" in this category. In fact their own statistics bear this out as recent Insights indicated. 235 Jobs in 3 months for 150 Active Pros. That is not per week, that is not even monthly. That's the last  THREE MONTHS! I did significanlty better prior to their recent changes, I respond quickly and follow up. It is simply NOT WORKING for this PRO! I'd really like to see things go back to the way they were. I got a lot more for my money. I'd like to know what other Pros are seeing. 

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Re: Attention Events pros: is promoting your profile working for you?

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I am currently using Promote. It is hard to know what is working because I get very few leads either way.

What does not seem right is the fact that once a JP has chosen a few Pros from the top of the Profile page that is ranked in order of an opaque algorythm, We ( I ) am not notified that there is a job in the Jobs Tab. I must open the Jobs Tab to see what I may quote on now that the JP passed me by, but my email is silent. Let me use all caps for emphasis: SILENT. Does TT think that we sit all day with the jobs tab open on our computer?

I actually think Promote is a FAIL and if you were to scrap it completely I would not shed a tear. 

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections