TT Doesn't Value Local Pros

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Over time I've observed a steep decline in leads. I like being competitive and think I have done a good job of being the best pro in my area, and I'm generally not one to blame outside sources for any failure I'm experiencing. However at a certain point it became apparent to me that TT isn't valuing "LOCAL" pros. When I do searches for my service, in my zip code, not one single local pops up on the initial search. You have to expand out to see more pros before you see me or any other locals in my area. TT is farming out leads to people in other states for a very limited resource in my city, and if that was the business model they advertised, I'd be fine with it. But the landing page of says quite specifically:

"Find local professionals for pretty much anything."

It's disheartening and I'm working to make myself more competitive on the site, but it really feels like a Silicon Valley tech company focused on their bottom dollar, not the integrity of their service.